3 Types of IT Services Offered by Cloud Computing


Cloud technologies have flourished to such an extent that the Internet could be limited without it. Storing huge databases, developing complex applications, and expanding computational power are just some of the benefits of cloud computing. Aside from personal use, the cloud can do so much more for companies and organizations. Here are several types of cloud computing services that you can benefit from.

Types of Cloud Services

Cloud computing is a general term for the delivery of on-demand resources and services through the Internet. This means that you have storage and access to data via the Cloud, and not only on your hard drive. It’s in stark contrast to the concept of local storage options. There are three common types of cloud computing services that you can acquire.

Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS

With IaaS, virtualized infrastructure is offered to businesses by external cloud providers. Your company can outsource server center space, storage, and cloud networking components through the internet. Basically, you have everything that on-premise infrastructure has to offer.

Uses of IaaS include recovery, backup, monitoring, internal networking, clustering, website hosting, etc. The service provider bears all responsibilities around building the servers and its storage, networking firewalls, and more. Some serious players that offer IaaS are Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon EC2, and GoGrid.

Platform as a Service – PaaS

PaaS is usually created inside IaaS Clouds by specialists in order to make your expenses predictable and scalable. Some examples of a PaaS system include Google App Engine, Mosso, and Force. PaaS provides complete freedom to purchase and maintain software, hardware, and hosting. They develop tools on their infrastructure. Users access these tools using APIs, gateway software, or web portals.

You can use PaaS for software development. Some of the most important vendors are Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk and Google App Engine. PaaS helps your market accelerate development.

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Software as a Service – SaaS

SaaS is launched from remote computers and managed and owned by vendors through the Cloud. The SaaS is specially designed to be the best for distributing software applications across the Internet. As a user, you can access SaaS services and applications from anywhere, using a mobile device or computer browser. SaaS allows you to quickly signup and use new applications directly. And if a computer malfunction occurs, data backups are saved on the Cloud. This service tailors to the differing needs of users.

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Avail IT Services

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