Cyber Protection + IT Support

ONE Solution for small and mid-market business



Basic protection for your business



Essentials Includes:

✓ Remote Monitoring & Management
✓ Professional Anti-Virus
✓ Event, Detect and Respond (EDR)
✓ Endpoint Backup
✓ $1MIL Ransomware Guarantee



Good for growing businesses that need the quick support of an IT help desk



Includes Essentials, plus:

✓ Remote Help Desk



Perfect solution for companies that must have a higher standard of cyber security



Includes Standard, plus:

✓ On-Site Support
✓ Dedicated Virtual CIO
✓ Security Consultant
✓ Security Awareness Training and Testing
✓ Annual Security Risk Assessment
✓ Security Policies Documentation



Ideal for fast growing companies that need an IT parter that can keep up with their demands

Let’s Talk!

Includes Premier, plus:

✓ Custom Plan for Your Needs

…gives me the peace of mind I need to do what I do best…

Ellen Pensky

CEO, BumbleBee Marketing

1+1 has been very responsive to our needs…They are truly a part of our business.

Lauren Taylor

Director of Corporate Establishment and Personnel, Arrow Sign Company

Their attention to detail and response times have been great!

Gerard Callahan

President, G&G Builders

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact support?

Immediate Support: (866)455-4445

Chat: Click “Connect” on the chat client to begin speaking with a technician. (7AM-7PM PST)

Email: su*****@1p********.com

Do you support companies that only have 1 computer?

Absolutely! Every business requires a level of protection that meets their needs. Our packages are designed to accomodate Micro, Small and Mid-Market Busineses.

Do you offer volume discounts for larger companies?

Yes, if you have around 40-50 desktops and/or depending on your specific company infrastructure, we offer customized plans that work to protect and support your business. 

How does the setup process work?

Once you select the plan that you are looking for, our account management team works with you to ensure a smooth onboarding process. This includes an introduction to the help desk, network operations and security teams that will be  responsible for supporting you as our client.

During the onboarding process our team learns your company infrastructure, application stack and workflows. Prior to deploying the Essentials Protection software, quality assurance is reviewed to ensure compatibility with the systems. All systems that are compatible are then configured in our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) system. Every system is setup with protection; Professional Anti-virus, Event Detect Respond (EDR), End-Point Backup. This ensures each system is secured and protected from disasters, data-loss and ransomware. 

How does help desk support work for the Essentials Plan?

Companies that have the Essentials: Protect Plan are able to receive assistance and support at any time from our Help Desk, Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC).  In fact, you do not require a plan to get assistance from our team. 

If you are on the Essentials: Protect Plan, support is based on hourly charges billed in 15 minute increments. On-site/trip charges may apply depending the incident.

Do you support on-site or just remote?

Both! Our support team is able to support on-site deployments and implementations to 180 countries around the world. Depending on the various technicial requirements, we have experienced technicians that are able to provide you with the skills necessary to accomplish your technical projects. 

We encourage our clients to leverage our remote help desk, NOC and SOC teams whenever support is needed. You can chat right now with our support teams using our chat agent from our website, calling (866)455-4445 or sending your inquiry to: su*****@1p********.com

What are your support team hours?

Our plans all include a 1+1 in-house help desk team that supports 7AM-7PM PST.  However, we do have clients that require additional hours of support (24/7, 7AM-7-PM EST, etc.).

Let us know what your specific requirement for support is and we will work on a plan that is right for your company. Very few companies truly require 24/7 support, however, if this is a requirement, please let us know so we can identify and provide you a custom support plan that meets your specific needs.

Packages and Pricing

1+1 Technology offers you a range of simplified packages to help protect, support, and ensure compliance for your business. Not sure where to begin or what package you need? Chat with or contact us with any questions to get started.

Essentials: Protect

Ensure that your company’s technical infrastructure and data are properly protected and stored. We can review your existing technology and verify that suitable backups are taking place and accessible in case of a disaster. 1+1 Technology is ready to help keep your business secure and operating at the highest possible level. Chat with or contact us today about our Essentials Package to better protect your business.

Standard: Protect and Support

Technical problems can arise for any business, big or small. Most problems can be resolved remotely with only minor disruptions to your business work flows and uptime. With unlimited remote support, including the essential security your business needs, you can maximize productivity and uptime, while minimizing harmful threats to your business. Chat with or contact us today about our Standard Package, designed to both protect and support your business.

Premier: Protect, Support, and Compliance

When working with sensitive data it is imperative that your business can repel threats and meet all requirements and guidelines as established by federal, state, local and industry standards, and authorities. Requirements may specify how sensitive data must be stored, with a recovery plan in place for all data, and may even designate how often passwords must be changed. With annual or even quarterly audits, technical reviews, VCIO meetings, and dedicated support and management, your business will thrive under all necessary requirements with the help of our team. Chat with or contact us today about our Premier package, that has you covered to protect, support, and ensure that your business’s IT is in compliance.

Enterprise: Volume Pricing, Custom Plans and On-Demand Packages

Does your organization have a large number of devices to manage? Is your IT environment complex or does it require an experienced IT staff that can keep up with your growth?  Can you envision a level of protection and support that is customized just for you? Even if that seems tough, we can help. We start by listening to your needs and work with you to address your business plans and challenges before crafting a custom package. Plus, on-demand expert help is always just a phone call away when only 24/7/365 live support will do. We are here for you and will ensure that your business workflows, systems, data and IT infrastructure are procured, protected, and supported to meet whatever requirements you have. Let’s connect and get started – chat with or contact us today.

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