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Financial and Insurance firms are facing many challenges today. With so many rapid changes in technology, keeping pace requires a great deal of attention and technology expertise. While most financial firms have embraced the technology revolution, these companies still have to continuously manage and tackle issues such as eliminating data breaches, keeping up with regulations, and incorporating AI into their firms. 

Eliminate Data Breaches

Financial  and Insurance service firms are prime targets for cybercrime being hit 300 times more than other businesses. The fact is that the more sensitive data you have, the more likely to be targeted. At 1+1, we are dedicated to constantly develop innovative solutions to stay ahead of these cybercriminals.

Keep Up with Regulations

Regulations in the financial and insurance service industry continue to increase. Unfortunately, firms are being forced to spend vast amounts of income to stay compliant. The good news is that we have a cost efficient way that ensures your systems keep up with ever-changing regulations and industry standards.

Surpass the Competition

Consumers continue to expect a lot from their financial and insurance institutions. Ultimately your customers want a more personalized service. This is why institutions that can offer automated services and with easier access to them will dominate their share of the market.

Strengthen data security safeguards

The Safeguards Rule requires covered financial institutions to develop, implement, and maintain an information security program with administrative, technical, and physical safeguards designed to protect customer information. The Rule defines customer information to mean “any record containing nonpublic personal information about a customer of a financial institution, whether in paper, electronic, or other form, that is handled or maintained by or on behalf of you or your affiliates.”

How IT Increases Busines Value

Risk Assessment

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Get a thorough risk assessment of your company to evaluate security strengths and weaknesses and identify specific opportunities for improvement.


Audit Consulting

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Highly regulated organizations have a significant need for the attention and detail that enables compliance to be met in a timely fashion. Accomplish this goal with a thorough review of audits and security requirements. 


24/7 Real-Time Threat Montoring

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Keeping your system updated and operational is vital to organizational productivity. Get network, server and systems monitoring 24/7 through our systems management software and schedule daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly server tune-ups to keep your system healthy.

Business Continuity

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Get access to enterprise-grade technology that protects business data, ensures ongoing connectivity, provides secure file collaboration and endpoint backup. Overcome ransomware through business continuity solutions for physical and virtual systems.

Information Security Packages

Your information security program must be written and it must be appropriate to the size and complexity of your business, the nature and scope of your activities, and the sensitivity of the information at issue. Our plans are designed to reach these company program objectives:

    • Qualified person that oversees information security program
    • Written risk assessment
    • Limit and monitor who can access sensitive customer information
    • Encrypt all sensitive information
    • Security Awareness Training/Testing
    • Incident response plan
    • Technology Assessments
    • Implement Access Controls

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