What’s your best fit? We offer custom IT solutions that meet the needs of all types of businesses. Ask us about the solutions for your company that will best promote security and growth.

SMB Solutions

Technology can be leveraged by mid-sized to smaller businesses to help improve workflows and streamline processes. Instead of continuing to face technical issues with frustration, let 1+1 Technology support your team. We will assist you in identifying and solving issues and can also guide any new technology purchases. We are also skilled at helping our SMB customers to implement the solutions that will provide the most business efficiencies and benefits.

  • Procurement
  • Are you considering the purchase of new equipment for your team or a move to new productivity or other software for your business? 1+1 Technology can help. From large orders of networking gear to small orders of software licensing, our skilled IT team can help your business succeed by procuring the right equipment for you at the right time and the right price. Chat with one of our team members now or contact us.
  • Deployment
  • From hardware to software to network connectivity and security, our technical experts are here to help your business succeed by deploying and implementing the best solutions. We also ensure that you and your team are trained and ready for the changes that will come with using your new systems. Chat with one of our team members now or contact us.
  • Projects
  • Our team can help you plan, initiate, manage, and complete your technology projects, regardless of the scope. With integrated change management, we can help you to set user expectations and ensure minimal downtime and interruptions to your employees and operations. Do you have a project in mind, or are you curious about the technology project options available? Chat with one of our team members now or contact us.
  • Management
  • In addition to desktop management plans, we can help you manage other technical aspects of your business. Network management including firewalls, servers, access points, and more, is important for your business security and to promote fewer interruptions and less downtime. Speak with a member of our team to learn more about how we can help manage other aspects of your business. Chat with one of our team members now or contact us.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise organizations may require a deeper analysis of the causes and extent of technology challenges. With 1+1 Technology by your side for planning and implementation, you’ll have reduced complexity and the ability to make smoother transitions to new solutions. We will also help you to address the impacts of change on your organization so that your team has a chance to recognize the need for and embrace new technology.

  • Security
  • For larger organizations having simple security measures such as one or two firewalls simple email security or even multi-factor authentication is not enough. Higher level security systems should be utilized not only protects the organization’s data but the employees who access company information and any customers as well. Chat with one of our team members now or contact us to see how 1+1 Technology can assist your organization with a large scale security deployment.
  • Projects
  • Any type of project should not interfere with an organization’s day-to-day operation, and all downtime should be minimized. When making changes to a large organization, limiting impact and interference can be complex and difficult to navigate. 1+1 Technology’s expert technicians can help plan and implement changes to limit these difficulties while delivering premier quality projects on time and within budget. Chat with one of our team members now or contact us.
  • Network Management
  • Large organization’s networks are often complex and require significantly more infrastructure than others. To ensure a properly configured network, it is vital to have proper equipment and management. 1+1 Technology can help procure, deploy, and manage all aspects of a large organization’s network based on the specific needs of any given company. Chat with one of our team members now or contact us to learn more about how we can help manage your network.
  • Data Center
  • With the high volume of data and information that large organizations utilize, it is often necessary to dedicate space for complex back-end IT systems used for large volumes of data storage. 1+1 Technology can help companies looking to create data centers, maintain data centers, or even modify or change already existing data centers. If you are interested in learning more about how we could assist your organization with data centers, chat with one of our team members now or contact us.
  • Machine Learning
  • Enterprise-level organizations may choose to automate a significant portion of their workflows and processes, or experiment and create new digital products and entities using machine learning and enterprise artificial intelligence (AI). Both processes have a wide range of applications that can transform your organization into a higher-level enterprise. With 1+1 Technology’s Microsoft Silver partnership, we can help you transform your organization using entities such as Azure AD. Chat with one of our team members now or contact us to learn more about Machine Learning and your organization’s development.
  • High Performance Computing
  • High performance computing (“HPC”) may be necessary for some enterprise-level organizations. From developing new products and simulating testing scenarios, to utilizing machine learning and enterprise AI, 1+1 Technology can help shape and guide your organization’s HPC journey. For more information regarding HPC and how 1+1 Technology can help your organization, chat with one of our team members now or contact us.
  • Staffing
  • Whether your organization has an in-house IT department, or you are looking to start one, 1+1 Technology can help! We offer staffing services using one or more of our dedicated Technical Experts and can help within the hiring process for new technicians, workflow and procedure planning and implementation, as well as initial setup and deployment of new or changed IT departments. If this is a solution you are interested in, please reach out to one of our team members. Chat with one of our team members now or contact us.

Cloud Solutions

For organizations eager to improve collaboration and secure data accessibility in the office and remotely, cloud solutions make great sense. 1+1 Technology will evaluate your needs and help you to select and implement the best long-term and cost-efficient solutions. By adopting cloud-based technology, you will transform your business into a more efficient, productive, secure, and collaborative organization with potential for exponential growth.

  • Data Security
  • Securing data is a top priority for every organization. By utilizing cloud solutions, data encryption and backups protect company data and can minimize your organization’s downtime and an overall loss in a catastrophic scenario. Cloud solutions also enable additional security within your organization, making it easier to protect, grant, and change access to specific information, secured end-user devices, and a stronger network. Chat with one of our team members now or contact us.
  • Applications
  • Our technical experts are here to help your business succeed in deploying and implementing new application-based solutions. Ensuring you and your team are prepared, trained, and capable of using whatever new equipment or software is vital for your business to run smoothly. Chat with one of our team members now or contact us.
  • Network as a Service
  • More and more companies are finding it too costly and time-consuming to build and maintain their own network infrastructure. Network as a service (or NaaS) gives you the flexibility to use and pay for only the services and bandwidth that your company needs, with the option to scale as your business requirements evolve. 1+1 Technology makes it easy for you to incorporate NaaS as part of your flexible operating expenses (OpEx). Chat with one of our team members now or contact us.

Microsoft Solutions

Your business deserves the trusted level of service that a top Microsoft Silver Partner like 1+1 can deliver. Through our consistent, quality demonstration of capabilities, expertise, and commitment, we provide the best IT tools and services that Microsoft Office 365 has to offer. As a Microsoft Office 365 partner, we can provide you the technology and systems you need to elevate your team’s productivity to go from good to great.

  • Microsoft Office 365: Your Full-Service Application Service
  • Office 365 is a subscription service that ensures you always have the most up-to-date tools from Microsoft including business class hosted email. It includes all the applications you likely already know, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote, plus access to productivity and collaboration applications such as OneDrive, Skype, Planner, Yammer, and Teams. We stay on top of the latest Microsoft Office 365 features to ensure your smooth, seamless Microsoft Office 365 migration and daily productivity. With simple IT packages and skilled Microsoft experts, 1+1 provides every sized business with enterprise-level IT systems for your business at a fraction of the cost. Chat with one of our team members now or contact us to learn more.
  • Full Microsoft Access
  • Easily adopt Microsoft Office 365 with assistance from our expert Office 365 consultants. Access to Microsoft’s tools for automation, communication, and collaboration can double or even triple your productivity. Work with 1+1 Technology’s experts for the best practices that ensure your smooth, seamless, cutover that’s both on time and on budget. Chat with one of our team members now or contact us to learn more.
  • Microsoft Cloud Solutions
  • Using Microsoft Cloud solutions, our experts can help you boost your business success. Gain greater security and reliability while benefitting from Microsoft’s industry-leading software and productivity tools. Delivered over the internet, with little or no hardware to manage, Microsoft’s cloud solutions will enable your team to work better together, from anywhere. Chat with one of our team members now or contact us to learn more.

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