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Quality Cloud Solutions

Make The Switch To Cloud Solutions With 1+1 Technology. For organizations eager to improve collaboration and secure data accessibility in the office and remotely, cloud solutions make great sense. 1+1 Technology will evaluate your needs and help you to select and implement the best long-term and cost-efficient solutions. By adopting cloud-based technology, you will transform your business into a more efficient, productive, secure, and collaborative organization with potential for exponential growth.

Data Security
Securing data is a top priority for every organization. By utilizing cloud solutions, data encryption and backups protect company data and can minimize your organization’s downtime and an overall loss in a catastrophic scenario. Cloud solutions also enable additional security within your organization, making it easier to protect, grant, and change access to specific information, secured end-user devices, and a stronger network. Chat with one of our team members now or contact us.
Our technical experts are here to help your business succeed in deploying and implementing new application-based solutions. Ensuring you and your team are prepared, trained, and capable of using whatever new equipment or software is vital for your business to run smoothly. Chat with one of our team members now or contact us.
Network as a Service
More and more companies are finding it too costly and time-consuming to build and maintain their own network infrastructure. Network as a service (or NaaS) gives you the flexibility to use and pay for only the services and bandwidth that your company needs, with the option to scale as your business requirements evolve. 1+1 Technology makes it easy for you to incorporate NaaS as part of your flexible operating expenses (OpEx). Chat with one of our team members now or contact us.

Optimize Your Business Through the Cloud

More and more businesses are making the switch to cloud IT solutions and tools. Cloud technology is shown to improve collaboration and secure data accessibility on both in-office and remote fronts.

Our team can evaluate your business needs and help you implement the most cost-effective cloud-based tech to transform your company’s performance. For a long-term, optimal solution, a cloud storage and collaboration system rollout is the best bet.

How Our Cloud Service Works

Step One: Contact Us

Contact 1+1 Technology to set up a consultation where we can assess your current business needs and how cloud tech can help with streamlining your processes.

Step Two: Cloud Implementation

We will rollout all necessary cloud implementation to get you up and running. We can also provide support down the road for any cloud-based needs.

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