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Healthcare and Medical Professionals are facing many challenges today. With so many rapid changes in technology, keeping pace requires a great deal of attention and technology expertise. HIPAA Rules were designed to be flexible and scalable to accommodate the enormous range in types and sizes of companies that must comply with them. With this flexibility comes complexity and we have the tools and expertise that provides a comprehensive strategy to ensure HIPAA complaince as it applies specifically to your medical practice. 

Eliminate Data Breaches

Healthcare and Medical practices have been identified at the top as the #1 target for cyber attacks. With over 385M patient records exposed since 2010, cybercrime is surging at an increased rate. At 1+1, we are dedicated to constantly develop innovative solutions to stay ahead of these cybercriminals and prevent a breach.

Get HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA is vital for patients because it requires healthcare and medical providers to implement a strong security posture that ensures sensitive health information remains private and confidential. 

RISE Above the competition

Patients want the most advanced care from their providers, they expect it. Implementing a personalized experience that is responsive and secure is an absolute must. Stay ahead of technology changes and improve the systems that will offers exceptional services and push you ahead of competition.

Enhance Security for your Organization and Clients

The HIPAA Security Rule mandates covered entities to establish appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect electronic protected health information (e-PHI).  Additionally, the Security Rule aims to maintain the integrity and availability of e-PHI. “Integrity” refers to preventing unauthorized alterations or destruction, while “availability” ensures authorized individuals can access and use e-PHI upon request.

How IT Increases Busines Value

Risk Assessment

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Get a thorough risk assessment of your company to evaluate security strengths and weaknesses and identify specific opportunities for improvement.


Audit Consulting

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Highly regulated organizations have a significant need for the attention and detail that enables compliance to be met in a timely fashion. Accomplish this goal with a thorough review of audits and security requirements. 


24/7 Real-Time Threat Montoring

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Keeping your system updated and operational is vital to organizational productivity. Get network, server and systems monitoring 24/7 through our systems management software and schedule daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly server tune-ups to keep your system healthy.

Business Continuity

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Get access to enterprise-grade technology that protects business data, ensures ongoing connectivity, provides secure file collaboration and endpoint backup. Overcome ransomware through business continuity solutions for physical and virtual systems.

Information Security Packages

In healthcare, it is essential to have an information security program that is suitable for the size and complexity of your business, the nature and extent of your activities, and the sensitivity of the involved information. Our healthcare plans are carefully crafted to comply with these regulations and requirements for organizations by:

    • Safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of all electronic protected health information (e-PHI) generated, received, stored, or transmitted.
    • Recognizing and defending against foreseeable risks to the security or integrity of the information.
    • Preventing foreseeable unauthorized uses or disclosures of information.
    • Ensuring that your workforce complies with future regulations and guidelines.

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