Company Story

1+1 Technology was founded to create a way for small and medium sized businesses to benefit from the same technology and support that corporate entities with Enterprise IT already enjoy. Having served in the world’s most demanding computing environments for years, we are IT engineers who are experts at developing complex IT solutions for clients. This includes design, configuration, deployment and support of High Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data Clusters.

Through late 2019, 1+1 was heavily involved in both IT service and cabling operations, using shared resources. To better serve our clients, the founders decided to separate cabling into a separate entity. This shift has allowed the 1+1 team to be lazer-focused on improving IT support and service processes. The resulting 1+1 suite of simplified IT packages allows our clients increased ease of access to support and service, while integrating a very much needed layer of security for our clients’ infrastructure.

The packages are built with the idea of Keeping IT Simple:  Depending on your specific need, you can get what you want, when you want it.

Our Culture and Vision 

1+1 is the most advanced premier IT solution provider headquartered in Pleasanton, CA. 

Why “most advanced”?

1+1 implements the highest level of technological systems and ideas to implement next level IT services.  This allows our solutions to be the most efficient, most informed and fastest paced IT provider in the world. 

Why “Premier”?

There are no cut corners within the walls of 1+1 or 1+1 workflows.  This means that from every email, to every piece of documentation, we are constantly dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s”.   We hold ourselves to the highest level of standards, so that our services match the highest level of quality.  1+1 is synonymous with amazing.

IT solution provider?

Every organization on the planet faces technological challenges. 1+1 is the simplest answer to any complex technology question.  Our goal is to take our clients’ technology to the next level.

Our Team

About Joe Tinker, President and CEO of 1+1 Technology, Inc.

Joe Tinker is a Marine Corps Veteran, who served in two overseas deployments from 2004-2008, including a tour to Iraq in 2005. Upon completion of his military service, Joe was hired as Global Security Operator at Cisco Systems where he helped manage global security threats to Cisco Systems and grow intelligence systems that enabled the safekeeping of these systems throughout the world. Joe was then accepted to Santa Clara University where he earned a Bachelors of Science in Political Science and Communications in under 3 years. Desiring to stay in the tech industry, Joe engaged as a Security Intelligence Operator at Ebay/PayPal and then briefly at Apple in their Security Operations Center. He then accepted a position at PSSC Labs, a High Performance Computing company.

 Joe’s significant security and technology expertise has been gained while working closely with some of the world’s most demanding computing environments including government laboratories, research professors, Fortune 500 organizations and well-funded startups. Joe and his business partner Jake realized that they love technology, but noticed there was a vastly underserved market: affordable IT solutions for small and medium sized businesses. The desire to make IT friendlier and more accessible to smaller businesses led them to jointly create 1+1 Technology in 2015.

 Initially, 1+1 operations included both IT and Cabling operations, using shared resources. Joe managed the IT services while Jake managed the cabling services. In late 2019, the partners decided to separate the cabling services into a separate company. This allowed Joe to refocus 1+1 towards bringing the absolute best IT services possible to its clients. Joe moved into the role of President and CEO, and has worked tirelessly to develop a suite of simplified IT packages. His goal is for IT support and service to become accessible unlike ever before: opening up access to real life technicians and experts so that technology doesn’t feel so out of reach. The service packages designed by Joe are built with the idea of Keeping IT Simple:  Depending on your specific need, you can get what you want, when you want it.

Company Values

  •   Integrity – Do the right thing, no matter what.  Trust is earned. As long as we continue to carry ourselves in an honest and purposeful way, we will continue to deserve that trust.
  •   Extreme Ownership – Our work is a representation of our character and our product is a representation of our team.  Each of us plays our respective roles with pride and responsibility.
  •    Leadership – Our team is a collection of confident, honest and inspirational people.  We are committed and passionate about striving for the highest level of standards, holding each of us accountable as an individual as well as in a group.  
  •    Communication – Our team shares information with transparency and builds reliable trusted relationships.  It is what we do.
  •    Creativity and Innovation – Our success is dependent on next level out-of-the-box thinking.  It is encouraged and rewarded.
  •    Empathy – Our actions are influenced by each individual situation and how it feels for our peers, clients and people we have never met.