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All About the Basics: 4 Types of Network Firewalls

If you are familiar with cybersecurity, you may already know the importance of firewalls. A firewall is a cybersecurity tool that is utilized to defend network integrity. Firewalls can protect your systems against network breaches and invaders. It is both a perimeter and an internal defense system that works to keep your data safe. If you’re aiming to install one

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How Does A Network Security Firewall Work?

If you have a business that runs on any kind of computer network, you know the importance of security. The backbone of any business is the IT component. Strengthening and stabilizing it affects the integrity of your business. It’s imperative to keep your network and business secure because once a malware infiltrates your system, it could create major issues in

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Microsoft Azure VS AWS: Why Azure Is The Right Choice

Windows Azure, a cloud computing service from software giant Microsoft, has just hit eight years since the initial launch. As a cloud-based IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) from the same company, Azure is often confused with Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft office 365 is also a cloud-based service, but as a productivity suite, it’s considered

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What is Microsoft Azure?

Introduced in February 2010, Microsoft Azure is cloud computing package that has made waves as a must-have service for both small businesses and global organizations alike. Named a leader in the 2017 Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Space by Gartner, Microsoft Azure is a promising platform for business owners in the IT industry who are looking to expand. However, despite

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What Is Office 365 and How Can It Help Your Business

Office 365 has been hailed as the ultimate productivity solution for small and midsized businesses. Offering a host of core IT tools and popular productivity applications, Office 365 has something for any company in any industry. From flexible pricing to fully-customizable services, this subscription plan may very well be precisely what your business needs to gain momentum. What is Office

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Why is it Important for My Company to Use a Network Operations Center (NOC)?

If your company is managing multiple networks, you are probably aware of the difficulties involved in monitoring them all at once. But hopefully, you are aware of the importance of this, as well. Your data and your clients’ data is private, and your networks need to be up and running without delay. Unless you have an in-house team that can

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Which Anti-Virus Software Will Protect Me the Most?

Hackers are the new terrorists. At least according to UK law.[1]  This heated language showed sentiment of real fear, different from only a few years ago when many people believed that if they were “safe” while on their computers, then they were exempt from the risk of being hacked. Whatever these “safe practices” were, they are no longer such an

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Should I Use Anti-Virus Software?

Fifty-three percent of computer users have been affected by a computer virus at some point in their lifetime. Take that percentage in reference to the number of employees you have. About half of them have likely had a virus on their personal computer before. What makes you think they’ll be any more careful while at work? Viruses along with malware

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Achieve your Business Goals Faster with IT Standardization

Every business wants to achieve their business goals faster and continuously build on their growth and profits. So when businesses come to us for IT advice, one of their main questions is – what IT solution can make my business run better? While there’s no single answer to that question, one of the best ways to achieve business goals faster

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Help! I Think My Company Network Has Been Hacked!

It will happen when least expected. Business is traveling along nicely; your network is functioning smoother than ever, then bam… you can’t log onto your network computers. Or perhaps customers are getting spam messages or worst of all, your sensitive company and client information is being leaked. Hackers are becoming more crafty and cunning, and are working harder than ever