Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Using Azure Cloud Services TODAY!

Across the globe, many enterprises are finding great success with cloud-powered business solutions. Platforms like Microsoft Azure are redefining the way organizations do business with secure and scalable enterprise applications enabled by the cloud.

In fact, 90% of  companies in the Fortune 500 list are utilizing Azure cloud services. Through deeply-integrated services offered by Azure, it is easier for businesses to manage simple to complex applications.

A Quick Intro to Azure Cloud Services

Azure is a set of cloud computing services that always expands to allow your organization to handle different challenges. By using the platform, your company is free to create, manage, and deploy any kind of application on a global network. You can accomplish your goals by using any of your preferred frameworks and tools, too.

Here are a few reasons why moving workloads to Microsoft Azure is a good idea:

1. Cost-Effective

Infrastructure and physical services such as load balancers, network routers, and so on can quickly add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Add to that the IT expertise needed to run specific equipment and you’re looking at increased payroll costs on top of those fees.

When you leverage the massive expertise and infrastructure from Azure, you can cut your annual IT budget by a huge amount.

2. Modern Flexibility

Azure cloud services allow you to come up with new services and scale data storage capabilities geometrically. This is an excellent feature compared to a static data center, which would require a new OS and hardware, as well as provisioning and deployment. Therefore, Azure is an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

3. Security

It’s crucial for any business to have a trustworthy cloud provider. Microsoft Azure is a trusted cloud provider all around the world, which means they need to meet international industry-specific standards (e.g. ISO 27001 and HIPAA). They also meet country-specific standards like IRAP in Australia and G-Cloud in the UK. This meansyour business will always be secure.

The platform currently has more security certifications than any other provider. Plus, despite being on the top, they constantly strive to go beyond what their clients expect from them.

4. Data Recovery in Case of a Disaster

There are instances when the unthinkable suddenly becomes reality. One great thing about Azure is it offers a geographically decentralized and high-speed infrastructure. This allows it to provide businesses with endless options for disaster recovery.

5. Applications

Azure cloud services include standalone offerings such as Visual Studio Application Insights, Visual Studio Team Services, and an on-demand, scalable storage for both “cold” and frequently-accessed data. Additionally, Microsoft makes developing and testing important applications in a breeze. You can also take an application from its testing stage to production mode across a network that’s distributed globally.


With the flexibility and scalability offered by Azure cloud services, you can tackle even the most technically complex tasks. This makes the platform the most all-inclusive solution to easing any extra stress your developers are suffering from.

Also, by considering Azure cloud services, you save resources that can be better used in tasks that help you achieve the core objectives of your project.

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