5 Things to Look for in an Outsourced IT Team


Are you ready to hire an outsourced IT team but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. There are many outsourced IT team options out there. Choosing one that’s right for your business can be challenging. It helps to look for these five things in an outsourced IT team.

1. Reputation And Experience

In this global market, outsourced IT companies crop up and disappear quickly. It’s best if you choose a well-established, experienced firm with a stellar reputation. According to Statista, IT spending on devices such as printers, PCs, tablets, data centers, software, and other IT, was about $4.26 trillion worldwide in 2021. To compensate for these expenses, IT companies may need to charge high rates. It’s important to research a team before hiring them to ensure that you get your money’s worth. Don’t leave your IT management needs up to a company without experience and good reviews.

2. A Keen Focus On Cyber Security

The virtual world where most business is done is dangerous. You want to ensure that you look for an IT team that prioritizes security. They should have a multi-layered approach to cyber security, a monitoring strategy, and ways to stop threats in their tracks. Security is a key factor in providing exceptional IT support.

3. Versatile Capabilities

The outsourced IT team you choose should have versatile skill sets to offer comprehensive coverage for all your IT needs. They should have the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary for managing cloud computing, disaster planning and recovery, and much more. Don’t settle for a team that’s only skilled in one or two areas.

4. Good Communication

An IT team’s response times to inquiries and trouble tickets should be almost immediate. You don’t want to wait days for an answer or support. You need a team that you can reach when you need them. The right team will be responsive to your needs to ensure that your business can operate as smoothly as possible.

5. Scalable Services

Every business is different, and it’s important to ensure that your company’s unique needs are all met. The right IT outsourcing services will be scalable to your company’s needs. As you grow, the services should grow with you. They should offer a suite of services customized to your specific requirements.

Choosing the right IT outsourcing services is essential to the success of your business. Let 1+1 Technology provide your business with the next-level IT services it deserves. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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