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What Is Plenum Cable and Why Should My Office Use It?

Plenum cable: weird word, important component. Plenum cables are specially designed and rated cables to resist fire and create less smoke when burning. But in what areas should you install plenum cables, and are they really necessary for your office?

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How to Cable Your Office for the Best Performance

What business would say no to faster internet speeds, better connectivity, and lower costs? And yet, when it comes to cabling an office, we often see businesses fail to make the process more beneficial for them. Cabling an office is something you have to do anyway, so why not use your investment to provide better productivity and performance. Here’s what

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How to Prepare Your IT Department for a Large Office Move

Everyone knows how stressful moving house can be. The months of planning lead into frenzied hours of packing, moving and unpacking, ending with you collapsed on the floor of a disheveled kitchen surrounded by empty coffee cups and pizza boxes. If you thought that was bad, wait until you have to move all the IT equipment for an entire office