A 5-Minute Guide to Office Network Cabling Options

A 5-Minute Guide to Office Network Cabling Options

Connectivity is widely considered as the heartbeat of any business. If connectivity is the heartbeat, then office cabling serves as the essential arteries that keep things flowing smoothly. Cables work by being signal carriers that make sure your business stays on track at all times. So whether you’re managing a digital shop, a marketing agency, or even a law firm,

Should I Hire a Professional Cable Removal Service or Just DIY

To Hire a Professional Cable Removal Service or Go DIY?

Most of the time, businesses that move out of one building and transfer to another leave all their data cabling behind. One can usually find abandoned cables lying around the floors or dangling from the walls and ceilings of old IT rooms. It’s also common for inexperienced cabling contractors to leave a majority of the old cables where they are

5 Questions to Ask Data Cabling Companies Before Hiring

5 Questions to Ask Data Cabling Companies Before Hiring

If you are running a business, you need seamless connectivity between your people, processes, and networks. The easiest way to do that is to get professional help from data cabling companies. Quality contractors from such organizations are capable of installing, designing, maintaining, and optimizing your infrastructure the right way. What’s more, data cabling companies can implement steps to ensure your

Why Should I Use a Low Voltage C7 Contractor When Planning My Office Move

Why Should I Use a Low Voltage C7 Contractor When Planning My Office Move?

Moving to a new office can disturb your day-to-day routine. You have to come up with a clear move plan and assign specific duties to your teammates to make sure nothing is missed. Although you can do the planning part on your own, you’ll still need to request professional help when installing cables in your new space. It can get

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What is a Low Voltage C7 Contractor?

Defined by the California Department of Consumer Affairs, Contractors State License Board classifies a low voltage C7 contractor as “communication and low voltage contractor installs, services, and maintains all types of communication and low voltage systems which are energy limited and do not exceed 91 volts.” To the layman, this means that it is a licensed installer or technician that

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What Type of Cabling Do I Need for My New Office Building?

There are a million and one things to do when you move office buildings. Most aren’t fun. So, we have decided to take one of the first ones off your hands by choosing which cabling system you’ll need by breaking down the various cable types so that you know which ones you need to install in your new space: Structured

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Do I need to Remove Cables from My Old Office?

When moving office locations, there is already enough to worry about before you start adding on extra costs and projects. Often, new tenants will not bother with removing the structured cabling, so before leaving it’s crucial to plan for this step. You will have to hire an expert to do the job which is why cables are often abandoned rather

Why you Should Care About Structured Cabling in Your Office

Why you Should Care About Structured Cabling in Your Office

Cabling is cabling, right? This attitude to the design and architecture to your office cabling can mean you are left with confused, disorganized and ultimately, inefficient cabling. Structured cabling is a buzz word that gets thrown around a lot and represents a ‘better’ cabling system, but what is structured cabling and why does it matter to you?

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Why it’s Imperative to Remove Old Cables from Your Office

Old cables just sit there out of sight behind walls, floors, and ceilings so it can’t hurt just to leave them there when you remodel or recable, can it? If your office building is older, you probably don’t even spare a thought for the build-up of old cables and wiring that could be just under the surface. But old cables

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Understanding Network Cable Flammability Plus Top Ratings For Cabling Your Office

Fire can rapidly devastate an office, leaving expensive damage to your property, data, and assets. And yet many businesses are unaware that a huge fire hazard lurks just beneath the walls, floors, and ceilings of many offices. Surprisingly, the network cables that your business depends upon are highly flammable. Not only can they catch fire quickly, because they are spread