Why it’s Imperative to Remove Old Cables from Your Office


Old cables just sit there out of sight behind walls, floors, and ceilings so it can’t hurt just to leave them there when you remodel or recable, can it? If your office building is older, you probably don’t even spare a thought for the build-up of old cables and wiring that could be just under the surface. But old cables can pose a significant threat to your office, by rapidly facilitating the spread and intensity of fire once it has started in your building. So what makes old cables so risky? Here we look at the many reasons why you need to remove old cables from your office.

Different Wiring Types

Old wiring and cables are made with outdated designs and styles, such as knot and tube wiring and low amp wiring. Knot and tube wiring is prone to damage from wear or rodents, where it then becomes one of the leading causes of electrical fires according to insurance companies.

Older, low amp wiring also may not be able to service modern appliances and equipment which require higher amps, causing overloading of circuits is another primary cause of electrical fires.

Unsafe, Modified Wiring

The older the wiring in your building is, the more likely it has been tampered or tinkered with by untrained hands. This can mean that there are already significant electrical problems such as loose live wires or bad connections behind the walls of your building. Having these old cables removed reduces the risk of an electrical fire, plus it ensures all your wiring is safe and up to code.

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Worn Out Insulation

The older something is, the more likely it is to be worn out, and this is especially true for the insulation on wiring. Insulation on old wiring tends to be brittle and chip or wear off more easily, and may have been physically damaged by rodents or during building work. Once insulation has worn away, your wires are left exposed, and this increases the risk of sparks, and ultimately fire.


Faulty Switches and Breakers

Wiring might not be your only issue if your electrical system is older. Faulty switches and circuit breakers can also cause electrical problems and increases the risk of sparks and fire in your building. Make sure your commercial panel is regularly upgraded to avoid malfunctioning switches and breakers.

Bad Design

The cabling and wiring are often also poorly designed, increasing the risk of fire spreading easily. Codes and standards for electrical wires and cabling are frequently changed and updated, and the codes may have changed drastically since cables were first installed in your building 50 or more years ago. Removing old cables means taking away bad electrical design from your office building and replacing it with a more modern, safe, and up-to-date design.

Those old cables lurking behind the walls of your office shouldn’t just be ignored. An updated cable design and installation not only makes your office safer but also helps your business to run faster and more efficiently. If you’ve got old cables cluttering up the wall spaces of your office building, call 1+1 TECH for an expert inspection, and we’ll help you get up to code, so your business runs better.

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