4 Foolproof Ways to Secure Your Server from Hackers


Let’s face it, each time you access the Internet, there’s a chance that you’ll be exposed to hackers. Although you’ve never even met, they can figure out your server vulnerabilities. Some of them have the resources and skills to devastate the largest corporations. If you don’t protect your server correctly, you’re at risk of losing your important data, and even control over the server. Fortunately, you can easily avoid this risk by implementing a few practices that safeguard your server from unauthorized users. Here’s how to secure a server from hackers.

Use Key Authentication

Hackers can easily guess passwords and repeatedly access your server, no matter how many times you change it. Instead, you can use secure authentication methods to make it harder for even the most expert hacker to access your server. Options include:

  • SSH authentication, which is longer than a typical password and contains different characters.
  • Blocks automated guessing, which blocks IP addresses when they fail to log in correctly.
  • Two-factor authentication when they use a second factor aside from the password to allow you to log in successfully.

Use Secure Sockets Layer Certificates

The secure socket layer (SSL) is a security protocol that guards transferred information between two systems on the Internet, so it is inaccessible to third parties. With SSL, important information, such as credit card numbers or IDs, remains private and can’t be stolen in transit. This doesn’t only certify encrypted data, but it also helps your server to establish user authority. Hackers can easily access your server if you don’t have an SSL certificate, so make sure to take this extra precaution.

Invest in a High-Quality Firewall

A firewall is a security system that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic and prevents unauthorized access from a private network computer. It can analyze all the information that enters your server and detect if there is something potentially hazardous. Further, a firewall can also block trojan horses and keep hackers out. Don’t download a free firewall because hackers can easily bypass them. Instead, invest in a high-quality, reputable application that will provide maximum security to your server.

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Remove Unnecessary Software

If you want to lessen the vulnerability of your server, remove any unnecessary software. This means you should only install and maintain the minimum software needed to run the server. If you think a certain software is merely an add-on or something that fills up your storage space, it’s better to uninstall it. Although it may be completely harmless to leave it, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Professionally Protect and Secure Your Server

Bear in mind that everything connected to the web is vulnerable to cyberattacks. So, it’s best to take some extra steps for maximum protection. After following these foolproof ways to secure your server, you will feel confident knowing that your system is safe, and all of your valuable data is safe from hackers. For more robust tech solutions, 1+1 Technology is here to help. Call us at (925) 526-7750 for more info, or email in**@1p********.com.

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