The Basics: Why Firewalls are Important


You may own just one computer, or a large network of them. In any case, the information you possess is valuable and needs to be protected. That’s why it’s so important to understand what firewalls are and why firewall is important. Firewalls are software or hardware devices that are designed to protect a network from cyberattacks. Nevertheless, firewalls have multiple uses to protect your network. Each one makes it essential to have a strong firewall in order to safely surf the Internet. In this article, we’ll explain why a firewall is important for both personal and professional use.

Unauthorized Access

A firewall initially denies all unauthorized connections to your network. Consequently, it protects your data from being stolen. This is especially important when it comes to defending sensitive information, such as passwords and online banking credentials.

Likewise, intruders could be able to infect your home or business network with viruses and malware without a firewall. This can also be a major issue that can cause huge financial losses, so it’s best to opt for a firewall.

When firewalls detect potential cyberattacks, they deny the outside attempt to access your network, and notify you of it. Then, you have the option to allow the connection, or to dismiss the attack.

Protecting You from the Inside

Internal elements may also cause trouble for your network. For that reason, firewalls can control outbound traffic from your business or home network, too.

Firewalls can block employees from accessing potentially dangerous sites. These unsafe websites could infect a network with malware. Likewise, emails might harm a company’s integrity. A firewall, however, denies the communication between users and unauthorized recipients, so that they cannot share confidential files or sensitive information.

Additionally, firewalls allow the websites that employees can access to be managed. This way, businesses ensure all workers spend their time doing work-related duties.

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Importance of Firewall

So now that you know how it works, why is a firewall so important? A firewall plays a major role in a network’s security. Currently, there are many threats when you use the Internet, and sometimes one successful cyber attack is enough to put a company out of business forever.

Some of the threats that firewall security helps protect a network against include:

  • Vulnerability bugs that allow third parties to control different programs in a computer
  • Remote logins, which allow attackers to steal information and install spyware
  • Denial of service attacks, which make machines, networks, and servers slow down and crash
  • Viruses and malware from infected computers, which could lead to hackers monitoring your activity, deleting data, crashing computers, or slowing them down

It’s recommended that all computers have an active firewall. Furthermore, business networks often invest in professional firewall services to guard against attackers.

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Opt for the Best Firewall Services

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