5 Internet Security Threats to Watch Out for in 2020


Did you know your company’s network is under the continual threat of being compromised? This is because there are many ways in which intruders can gain illicit access to your information. While important progress has been made by Internet security experts, hackers have been able to find new strategies —and improve old ones — to violate cybersecurity barriers. The following list includes some of the most popular Internet security threats to be aware of in 2020.

Security Gaps

Hacking is the preferred cyberattack method across the Internet. The intruder, or hacker, searches for security gaps in a company’s network and exploits them. These are often flawed protection solutions in a particular layer of the network.

When upgrading a security layer of your business’s network, every asset in that defense must be upgraded to the same level. Otherwise, the neglected areas become potential targets for intruders to bypass your network security.

Security Bugs and Vulnerabilities

Even the most renowned operating systems and software programs occasionally have flaws in their programming. These can be taken advantage of by attackers to illegally access a company’s network.

Thankfully, software developers can fix vulnerability issues and have a patch available for all of their users. However, plenty of companies are not aware of the security bugs in their network in the first place.

In order to keep hackers away from your network, check the latest security updates on your software programs. You should apply necessary patches immediately. Also, replace software programs that are no longer supported by their developers.


Many organizations have been the target of social engineering attacks, also known as phishing. These are simple but rather effective cybersecurity threats. Usually, they occur when a hacker sends a deceptive email to steal valuable information.

The email or website trick seeks to collect sensitive information, such as passwords or credit card info. This often compromises security and can make individuals and companies vulnerable to further theft.

Internal Attacks

Unfortunately, employees are also a security threat to any business. An employee can inadvertently cause serious harm by freely accessing the company’s data and resources.

Furthermore, sometimes an inside attack can occur without the employee even noticing. This could happen if someone mistakenly downloads malicious software while surfing the web during work hours.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent — to some extent — internal threats. This can be done by restricting employee access to systems and resources they need for their duties. Doing so can minimize the damage caused by both premeditated and unintentional internal attacks.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS attacks)

DDoS attacks are still one of the most dangerous security threats in 2020. These attacks consist of overwhelming the organization’s network with traffic in order to slow down or even paralyze operations.

These attacks are one of the most dangerous Internet security threats as they don’t work in just one way. Sometimes, the hacker may inadvertently introduce malware into the network, taking advantage of uncontrollable traffic. Additionally, a DDoS attack could be used as a distraction for the cybersecurity team to look elsewhere. While distracted, the hacker may attempt to access the company’s network in another way.

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