How Do Managed Services Ensure the Security of Your Organization’s Network?

From financial data to personnel files and customer records, each company has sensitive data that should be protected at all times. Unfortunately, there are lots of threats to your business like hackers and other cybercriminals. Not to mention the usual risks – human error, natural disasters, and hardware failure that could affect your day-to-day operations.

Unfortunately, not all business owners have the technical know-how or time to monitor and protect their enterprise from these threats. That’s why you can benefit a lot from using managed services for your organization’s network.

According to a survey from CompTIA, more than 2/3 of companies are depending on managed IT services to further improve their IT operations. Aside from network security, professional IT solutions offer round-the-clock monitoring, helps you save time and money, and provide access to a pool of excellent talent.

Managed Services Can Protect Your Network

Managed services enhance the overall security of your company’s voice and data network. Generally, a managed service provider should include products that safeguard the enterprise from viruses, intrusions, malware, spam, and other inappropriate content online. Thanks to this policy-secured configuration, all transactions, data, and critical business applications are as safe as possible.

Outsourced IT professionals are responsible for conducting reviews of your network, systems, and various technologies to constantly be on the lookout for any security threats. They help prevent risks to your business and handle recovery tasks in case of a security breach or data loss.

Another good thing about getting managed services is that you have an IT professional who will tailor a custom security plan for your business requirements, depending on the following factors:

  1. Where you store sensitive data
  2. Who gets to access it
  3. The types of networks, systems, and devices used in your business

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Identity and Access Management

If your data can be found off-site, your method of controlling access to it is very important. Effective identity and access management (IAM) tools must be in place to make sure that only authorized personnel who have access to your data can open it but still on your terms. That may mean utilizing tools that let you know who can access which types of data and when, as well as a mandatory two-factor authentication for select data or users.

For instance, someone from a different country with which you don’t conduct business might try to access financial records during the wee hours of the morning–something that’s a red flag. With managed services, you have IT experts working 24/7 who can turn off all access in case of a potential breach.

Managed Services: Why You Need It

Signing up for IT services from a managed service provider is an excellent way to expand your business in a quick and cost-effective manner. You will benefit greatly from huge savings and reduced employee downtime. Because business management is made simpler, you have peace of mind knowing you can access a flexible team of experts whenever you need them.

All in all, managed services allow you to always be compliant and protect your network from cybersecurity threats.

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