How to Cable Your Office for the Best Performance


What business would say no to faster internet speeds, better connectivity, and lower costs? And yet, when it comes to cabling an office, we often see businesses fail to make the process more beneficial for them. Cabling an office is something you have to do anyway, so why not use your investment to provide better productivity and performance.

Here’s what you should do to maximize the benefit of cabling your office:

Optimize Network Design

Businesses always want to do more with less space, and this is where efficient network design comes into play. Your network architecture should take into account your business priorities and the overall structure of your office space, including placement of workspaces, distributors, office structures, heating/cooling units, entrances and more.

Increase the Density

With the framework of quality design, your IT network professional can help you plan to recable for higher density and therefore higher performance. With better network design, along with optimization and placement of horizontal and floor distributors, you can increase floor space and LAN ports which means better, more reliable performance in less space.

Choose Quality Equipment

You can’t achieve the most efficient design without the latest and most advanced technology. Ask your IT cabling professional to install copper and fiber panels with high port density. You can assess the efficiency of your design by calculating the number of ports per unit oIT network professional
f rack space.

Using wall-mounted panels for cable management and termination helps to free up rack space for LAN electronics and fiber panels. Using rack space better means optimizing floor space and allows for better network management.


Get the Right Cable Type

Cables that are too long are subject to signal loss, while shorter cables can be affected by crosstalk and return loss. Choosing the right cabling system means you get the best performance for the specific application your business needs. It’s essential to consult a professional for the proper cable installation, primarily to allow you to adopt high-performance Ethernet and wireless access points.

Plan for Connectivity

Three crucial areas of connectivity in demand for every business are Wi-fi, Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled devices and In-Building Wireless (IBW) systems. Networks need to be designed with these functionalities in mind, as networks will struggle to incorporate them after installation. Planning with these in mind from the start of your network design is essential.

Consult a Pro

Getting the maximum performance, efficiency, and value out of your network cabling requires the expert guidance of an IT-savvy pro. With experience over dozens of over cabling projects, they can quickly identify the highest performance design and best quality cabling and network materials for your space.

To see how much more you can get done, and the better service you can provide with a quality network, talk to 1+1 TECH. Well pinpoint the weak points in your network design and recable your office according to the most innovative standards, for performance that’s just unbeatable.

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