What Managed Service Providers Should Be Focused On


When shopping around for potential managed service providers, there are quite a few attributes to look for. These can vary depending on your business sector and company needs, but generally speaking, any provider you do business with should offer the following five things.

1. Professionalism

Your business provides a professional service or product, and the company managing your security and IT services should offer the same level to match your needs. Professionalism includes organization, communication, conflict resolution, advising, and much more. Interacting with your service provider should leave you feeling confident in their abilities and supported by their team.

2. Technical Prowess

You may have some technical expertise, but security and IT are not your focus — that’s why you’re in need of robust managed service providers to do the heavy lifting for you. Ensure the company you do business with has a staff of knowledgeable, reliable tech experts who can manage your cloud and on-premise needs.

3. Support

From minor network issues to security system problems, proactive support is often necessary in the event of a network breach or patch issue. The provider you select should have the resources and ability to provide consistent, on-demand support without making you wait hours or days for assistance.

4. Dedicated Staff

Whether you require an account manager or a dedicated support representative, many managed service providers offer different tiers of support and dedicated staff depending on the company’s needs. This may come at an additional cost, but the benefits provided to your business are invaluable.

5. Security

Companies of all sizes and business sectors require IT and security partners for network monitoring and general security maintenance. As data breaches and network hacks become more prevalent, business owners must be vigilant in protecting their network and assets in the cloud and on-premise. According to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, nearly 65% of Americans who have used the internet in some capacity have received a scam offer of some kind; this generally doesn’t include the many businesses that invest in strong IT services. Managed service providers help to safeguard a company’s network from hacks, breaches, and other security issues.

Your business is one of your greatest treasures, and it should be protected as such. To ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, you’ll need high-quality managed IT services. Let 1+1 Technology provide your business with the next-level IT services it deserves. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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