Why you should always hire a Licensed C7 Low Voltage Contractor to Cable Your New Office


Making coffee. Creating post-it note art. Providing free entertainment for the office Christmas party. These are all things your business can do for yourself. But installing new cables in your office isn’t one of them.

When you see how an IT professional fits cables, you might be led to think that you can do it yourself. While this is a common misconception, office cabling can actually be surprisingly technical. Here’s why you should only hire an IT savvy professional to cable your new office.

They’re Experienced With The Process

Installing network cables in a new office is not simple. There’s timing, office layout, workstation locations, heating and cooling unit locations, and network infrastructure to juggle all at once. IT professionals have a wealth of experience with office relocations and new network cabling projects. While your company may only do this once in a blue moon, an IT professional’s regular cabling experience makes them much more efficient and effective in getting the results you want, faster.

They Have The Proper Registration, Training, And Insurance

While seeing somebody lay cables in an office can make it seem deceptively simple, an IT professional has the registration, training and insurance for this job, which you probably don’t. When you’re installing cables for a professional commercial space, you don’t want to take chances with the quality and safety of the installation. Choosing an IT professional means you get the outstanding performance you want with less risk of problems, prolonged downtime, accidents and delays.

They Understand The Timing

Hiring a professional to install your cables not only ensures that you get your installation completed on time, but also means you prepare far enough in advance to get exactly the infrastructure you need. Some phone lines or T1 lines require at least 30 or 45 days’ notice before installing a new line. The process of connecting and setting up a new office to be ready to use with minimum downtime requires meticulous planning. Bringing a professional on board from the beginning of the process means cable installation is faster and smoother, and your business can move into your new space sooner.

They Understand The Intricate Details Of Office Layout

The trained eye of a pro can quickly work out how the layout of your office will fit together with your network infrastructure. The choices for network cables available to you will depend on your geographical location, lay out of your office, and the requirements of your business. An IT professional can quickly analyze the access to wall floor and ceiling space to run cables as well as knowing how to work around heating and cooling ducts and other obstacles to ensure you get the connections you need.

They Can Get You Even Better Performance

Don’t just lay cables in your new office – upgrade to get even better performance than before. An IT professional has their finger on the pulse of the latest network and cabling innovations, so they can help advise you on how to get the best installation for your office to provide exceptional performance.

They Ultimately Save You Time And Money

Choosing an professional IT company to cable your new office requires an initial investment, but at the end of the day you will be saving time and money with a smoother installation process, no mistakes or accidents and less downtime for your business!

While fitting network cables in your new office seems simple enough, it’s really one of those things best left to the professionals. Call 1+1 TECHNOLOGY today to learn how we can make a difference to your office cabling installation so you get even more from your network performance.

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