Why is it Important for My Company to Use a Network Operations Center (NOC)?


If your company is managing multiple networks, you are probably aware of the difficulties involved in monitoring them all at once. But hopefully, you are aware of the importance of this, as well. Your data and your clients’ data is private, and your networks need to be up and running without delay. Unless you have an in-house team that can handle this level of network management, you may want to consider outsourced tech support. NOC technicians and engineers take on the responsibility of monitoring infrastructure health, security, and capacity. With all of this information, they can make informed decisions and adjust the systems to optimize your network performance and organizational productivity.  When there is an issue, they send out alerts, based on the severity, type, and level of expertise needed to resolve it, and any of the categories that you and your NOC team specify. Once you resolve the issue, alterations are made to the system and the monitoring system, so that problems do not recur.

Remote IT infrastructure management and monitoring can include various IT tools. Here are some of the services you should look into:

  • Antivirus and Anti-malware: Don’t be a victim of these viruses, worms, and other malicious software’s that want to delete files, access personal data and use your computer to attack other networks in your office. Your NOC team will recommend the software that you should be using, as well as carry out all the scanning, troubleshooting, and resolving any discovered issues. This should also include a firewall and intrusion prevention system for monitoring and management.
  • Backup on all hardware: Having multi backups, including a cloud backup can prevent catastrophic crashes in your office.
  • Patch management: Upgrades for software applications and technologies.
  • Application software installations: Including troubleshooting and updating.
  • Email management services: Must help with your email management and troubleshooting.
  • Backup and storage management: Let the professionals manage your backup systems so that you can focus on your specialty.
  • Performance reporting and improvement recommendations: Performance and optimization reporting is essential. You want to know how your networks are performing and you want to be able to see this information in concise, straightforward reports, as opposed to sifting through data and code to make sense of what is going on. Get these, as well as recommendations for making improvements to your system – and your NOC team can even execute these recommendations for you.
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Network Operations Centers ensure that all your systems are protected, backed up, and issues are noticed and addressed so that they can be proactively resolved and will not recur. The idea is to have issues resolved before the client even knows that it exists. Don’t let IT issues slip through the cracks – put into place an operation center that can catch issues in a timely manner and stop them from returning.

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