What Is Office 365 and How Can It Help Your Business

Office 365 has been hailed as the ultimate productivity solution for small and midsized businesses. Offering a host of core IT tools and popular productivity applications, Office 365 has something for any company in any industry. From flexible pricing to fully-customizable services, this subscription plan may very well be precisely what your business needs to gain momentum.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 refers to a subscription plan that gives you and your team access to a host of productivity applications and cloud-based services from Microsoft. Depending on your subscription level, your employees can have full access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. An Office 365 subscription consequently means that these applications can also be installed across multiple devices without having to purchase separate licenses for each one. Office 365 for business also offers business-specific, internet-only services for communication, hosting, and organization—such as Skype for Business Web Conferencing and OneDrive for Business.

What Can It Do For My Business?

Data Security

Regardless of the size of the business, security and data privacy is one of every business owner’s top priorities. Given the times we live in it’s almost impossible not to keep some form of your business’s documents and files online—and that leads to a whole host of problems. How secure are cloud services accessed through third-party data servers?

Office 365 addresses this issue with built-in security options, continuous compliance, and its file hosting service, OneDrive. With 1TB of online storage, there’s enough space to host small- and mid-sized business data securely. OneDrive even comes with a failsafe; businesses are given the option to remotely wipe all data in the event of a gadget loss or potential security breach.


All applications under Office 365 can be synchronized. Your email, your contacts, your calendar, and events—all come with the option to coordinate the information stored in them. This means that you won’t have to manually go through tedious day-to-day activities such as updating your calendars or transferring contacts across devices. Office 365 makes it possible to automate a lot of administrative actions.

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Predictable Cost

For small and medium-sized businesses, Office 365 offers a highly flexible monthly billing process that assures you get the most out of a plan for the lowest possible cost. You can add or subtract monthly users to the plan as needed, consequently changing the plan tier to adjust to your business’s specific needs. The lack of upfront costs allows firms to consider their monthly budget.


Office 365 license is connected to an account rather than a specific device. Ergo, you can work productively from virtually anywhere as long as you remain logged into your account. More of your staff can work remotely with the kind of freedom and ease-of-use. Lack of tools or a Virtual Private Network (VPN) won’t be a problem, either. All Microsoft 365 needs is a stable internet connection.

Professional Online Presence

Your business’s online presence can be established and managed easily through Office 365’s suite of options. Set up a professional website using their simple, out-of-the-box templates. Simplicity and ease-of-use make it possible to do this even without IT or HTML experience. Office 365 also offers business-class email addresses. You can set up an email address for each of your staff using the same domain name that you chose for your website, giving your company contact information uniformity.

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