Top 3 Tips for Successful Team Collaboration with Office 365 Apps

As a business owner or manager, you need to make sure that your staff has proper team collaboration.  Although using stand-alone applications help, they sometimes cause headaches for your employees and your IT team. These solutions can sometimes lead to different issues such as decreased productivity, higher costs and complexity, security and compliance holes, and more.

Microsoft Office 365 offers applications that can improve collaboration in the workplace. It has tools that seamlessly work together and effortlessly integrate with one another. What’s even better is that you have peace of mind knowing each of the tools you’re using is secure and supported.

Here are tips to successfully collaborate with your team using Office 365.

Integrate with Mobile Devices

Office 365 apps are compatible with all major mobile platforms. They also allow seamless syncing with desktop apps. Some of those apps include Skype for Business, Outlook Calendar, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Yammer, OneNote, and Outlook Mail.

By mobilizing these apps, your team can get more things done from their favorite device while keeping your corporate information protected. Users are able to enjoy the benefits of the Office 365 experience right at their fingertips – without your IT department worrying over a potential security breach.

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Personalize Business Apps

You can come up with custom experiences within your Office clients like PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, and within SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013. This means your company has the freedom to personalize your service experiences to perfectly suit your business purposes.

For those who aren’t all that much into custom app development, almost everything can now be integrated with Office 365. These apps include Zapier, Box and Alexa. By personalizing business apps, you will no longer have problems with sharing and collaboration due to conflicting apps.

Make Use of Video Conferencing

Through the use of Skype for Business, Office 365 makes the meeting experience easier wherever you or your team may be. Video conferencing is a breeze regardless of the application versions or equipment each participant is using.

Its features include the capacity to escalate a one-on-one chat into a video conference. Even if you own an older model of a video camera or conference phones, Office 365 supports many legacy and cloud video apps and devices.

Drive Communications Using Office 365

Office 365 is a powerful tool for collaboration. When fully integrated with your communications platform, Office 365 lets you click-to-dial from Outlook so the entire process of internal communications is made so much easier and simpler. This is a helpful feature, especially for a company where remote working and hot-desking are part of its normal practices.

You also have the ability to click-to-dial the outside world using Skype for Business–saving you time instead of dialing a number into your phone.

Other benefits include the ability to check your team members’ availability, schedule a virtual meeting just by using Outlook, calendar synchronization, and the option of sending Outlook invites using Skype for Business.

These services let your team save a lot of precious time and increase productivity–all without opening multiple programs and applications at the same time.

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