The Future of Cloud Computing: What to Expect in 2021


Cloud computing is the backbone of a data-driven business ecosystem. In recent years, we’ve seen the demand for cloud computing increase in various industries due to its fast, advanced, and secure features. Now that another year has come to an end, what does the future of cloud computing look like? The year 2021 will be more promising as far as the use of cloud computing is concerned. Let’s review.

The Power of AI

Artificial intelligence will bring optimal efficiency in executing various business operations. Through the use of AI, individuals will be able to analyze a massive amount of data that can help solve complex problems. For instance, the healthcare industry is going to benefit immensely from new research on terminal medical conditions. Alongside AI, machine learning is going to shape the future of tech.

Intercloud Orchestration

Organizations and businesses are going to place a greater emphasis on intercloud orchestration. The term “intercloud orchestration” refers to the utility of programming technology in managing interactions and interconnections. Tasks are automated cohesively for the benefit of individual departments and the organization as a whole. The main functions of intercloud orchestration are providing storage capacity, managing networks, and acquiring specific software.

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Virtual Cloud Desktops

In the year 2021, more employees are going to be equipped with virtual cloud desktops in a professional setting. Not only is this cheaper, but also more efficient for various tasks. For example, with virtual cloud desktops, one does not need to buy hardware that can be an expensive investment.

Entertainment Industry

If the current observation is anything to go by, cloud computing is expected to dominate the entertainment industry in 2021. Tech giants, such as Amazon, have already experimented with cloud gaming. Cloud computing will initiate a revolution in the way both music and video are consumed. Through a monthly subscription, anyone can have access to a vast library. It’s going to be interesting to see how well companies like Sony perform in the content streaming market.

Cloud Computing Trends in 2021

The past and current trends in cloud computing indicate that its future is promising. However, organizations and businesses should understand that the demand for cloud computing will warrant a bigger responsibility, like cybersecurity and data protection. Overall, businesses should come up with a new, advanced strategy to maximize its usage in order to help users. Being aware of risks and issues with cloud computing is also a must for better efficiency.

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These are only some of the most notable cloud computing trends expected to boom in 2021. If you’re interested in learning more about cloud computing and how it can benefit your business, feel free to reach out at 1+1 Technology. Our support team will answer your questions and concerns as soon as possible. Whether you’re running a startup or a large company, you probably have big plans for the upcoming year. Call us at 925.406.3881 to get started today.

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