The Different Types of Managed IT Services


More businesses are now relying on technology to reach more customers. As a result, managed IT services have become an essential element to the success of a business, and companies have also started to adopt new methods for dealing with IT management. Nowadays, businesses are into more tailored and preventive solutions that cater to their specific needs and goals.

Knowing the types of managed IT services and how they can benefit your business will help you determine which ones are the most ideal for your company. Here are the most common managed IT services:

Enterprise Software Development

By using enterprise software, you can improve the efficiency and productivity of your business in terms of performing basic tasks. Some of the things you can do with it include customer relationship management, accounting, and order processing. This kind of service can work well for creating both web apps and computer software.

Data and Information Backup

As a business owner, you need to be prepared for the worst thing that can happen (i.e. loss of data). Data backups either work together with or separate from your cloud computing. Regardless, you still need this kind of service so you’re certain that your company’s most critical information is accessible and secure at all times.

Network Administration

A dedicated staff is needed if you want to set up and maintain your network. From arranging backups to troubleshooting, network administration is a job in itself. That’s why getting managed IT services is important, especially if you have 50 employees or less.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the newest type of managed IT services available out there. Similar to network administration, managing your company’s cloud infrastructure can demand a huge chunk of time from your IT department. With a dedicated service provider, you have peace of mind knowing your cloud storage is always secure and under control.

Network Security

Network security services work to make sure that your entire computer network infrastructure is safe. This service includes implementing network software, security policies, or any hardware required to protect your network from unauthorized access.

Help Desk

Businesses exist because of their customers. However, assisting customers 24/7 can demand a significant portion of your IT department’s time. That’s why help desks are one of the most popular types of managed IT services. With a trusted managed service provider, you can either cater to your customers quicker, or your employees can quickly get assistance in dealing with equipment errors so they can help yoru customers.

IT Consulting

Teaming up with an IT consulting company allows you to access well-defined strategies and innovative solutions for keeping your data safe. From streamlining your organization’s IT efficiency to conducting security audits regularly, IT consulting services can be the best solution for dealing with problems before they get even worse.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices are a significant part of the workplace. Most employees make use of their smartphones to do business, which even led to the BYOD (bring your own device) acronym. The only drawback from BYOD is that it puts you and your employees at risk of cyber attacks. With managed IT services, you can always be sure that all connections are safe and secure.

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