5 Signs Your Firewall Security is Not Secure Enough


Computer firewall security is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from cyber criminals and their attacks. Cyberattacks are becoming more and more challenging to combat these days, as hackers use advanced tactics to cover or remove their tracks in the system. They also use specialized software to hide their proxies and target vulnerable users on the web. This becomes riskier for professionals and businesses that only use firewalls to protect their network organization and information flow. With that in mind, here are some signs your firewall security is still not secure enough.

Your Passwords Have Been Changed Without Reason

If you’ve tried to log in to any of your accounts online and noticed that your password is actually no longer valid, then it’s possible that there’s an intruder on your network. Users who typically have short, simple passwords are the most likely to become targets for this sort of intrusion. That’s why you have to form a strong password with combined letters, numbers and symbols.

Strange Error Message Pop-Ups

Are you experiencing any unrelated or random error message while doing everyday tasks? It is one of the signs that an unauthorized intruder is accessing your network remotely. They’re luring users to click on the pop-up in order to redirect them to an infected website. From there, they can hack all of your sensitive, personal information.

Sluggish Network Computers

Sometimes, fast computers can suddenly become slower than an old dial-up connection. This may be one of the indicators that something is wrong. When new computers freeze, crash, or run slowly without any specific cause, it can be a sign of malware or some other unauthorized program that is loading onto your device without your permission.

Disabled Firewall

You’re using your firewall to protect your system. That means that it’s been on at all times. So, if you ever noticed that it became disabled on its own, this indicates a red flag that someone is trying to access your network.

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Fake Antivirus Messages

Whether you already have antivirus software installed on your computer or not, a vulnerable and infected device will still send you fake antivirus messages. This means that your network has already been compromised. Don’t click the message or it will cause further damage to your system.

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What Do I Need When a Firewall is Not Enough?

Firewalls work by stopping malicious traffic from accessing your network. They also block programs and websites that pose a threat to your system. In this age of the cyber world, every computer should have a firewall for protection.

Although, a firewall may not be the best and only solution to combat cyberattacks. This is even more crucial for professionals and companies that need to protect sensitive data from intruders.

Aside from enabling your firewall, advanced cybersecurity solutions, combined with a comprehensive strategy, should help keep you secure at all times. If you have no idea where to start, 1+1 Technology is happy to be your IT solutions partner. For more information, call us at 925.406.3881 today.

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