Microsoft Office 365: How Does Microsoft Projects Compare to Asana?

Finding the best project management software means choosing a product that helps your company deal with its specific needs. Microsoft Projects—an app under Microsoft Office 365—and Asana are currently the most popular project management platforms right now. Both apps have excellent features that facilitate easier communication between team members.

But how do you decide which one is the best for your team?

Here is an overview of benefits you can get from both platforms and how they compare to each other.

Microsoft Projects

Better Integration

Projects allows users to connect to many different Microsoft Office 365 software products. In addition to the MS Office app integrations, it partners up with Power BI Pro to give your project high-level business analytics.


To get your project up and running immediately, you can use built-in templates that can be customized according to your specifications. In this case, there’s no need to completely reinvent the wheel since the templates come from the best practices.

Projects also generates reports that can easily be shared with your fellow team members.

Great Interface

Even if you are managing multiple projects, you will not have a hard time juggling them because of the tool’s full visibility. You also get access to familiar scheduling tools (i.e. Gantt charts) and pre-populated drop-down menus.

Adaptive Platform

projects is extremely intuitive – giving users a wonderful balance between complexity and usability. This Microsoft Office 365 program is so adaptive, you can use it in a variety of scenarios. Organizations under different industries like health care, manufacturing, construction, retail, and so on can benefit from this.

Experience-Based User Interface

Processes are ever-changing and Projects knows that. You can revise the organization, add new tasks, or even make changes on a project midway easily.



Asana has a Timeline option that can be used to create a plan showing you and your team how the pieces of the project fit together. This allows you to keep track of every change.

More than 100 Integrations

You can tie it all together by choosing from Asana’s over 100 integrations.


Seeing the big picture is made easier because of Asana’s Calendar. It allows you to easily spot overlaps and potential holes in your schedule.


You and your team can share results with each other. This lets you see everyone’s progress and check what needs to be prioritized.


Asana allows users to make projects and teams private, so you can create a safe space for any sensitive work or task.

Microsoft Office 365 Projects and Asana have their pros and cons, just like any project management tool available out there. Since there is no single “best” project management app, it’s entirely up to you which software you would choose based on the features outlined in this article.

While it’s tempting to download tools and play around with them, remember to always make a plan for how it will fit into your workflow. Then, you can meet your team to agree upon goals and choose which tool will help you reach them the fastest.

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