7 Ways Microsoft Teams Can Improve Communication Channels in Your Company

In 2017, Microsoft officially launched Teams – a tool that has, arguably, received mixed reactions since it came out. A part of the Office 365 pack, Teams merges all the features available from other Office 365 tools. It works by creating a unique communication and collaboration hub for groups and organizations.

While some users are pleased with how Team works, there are others who still aren’t sure whether or not it’s the best option for their business. Are you planning to use Microsoft Teams for your company? Then read on to find out how it can greatly benefit the communication channels of your organization.

Benefit #1: Top-Notch Security

Microsoft Teams has been specially designed to drastically reduce the risk of confidential information leaks. Not all platforms like Teams offer this level of security for users. There has been a real effort on Microsoft’s side to create unrivalled compliance through this program, as well as a security audit feature.

Benefit #2: Efficient Platform

Microsoft developed Teams primarily to make teamwork and communication as transparent as needed. It also offers users highly flexible collaboration. Because the integrations are endless, you can search across a wide range of values.

Benefit #3: Smooth Integration with Office 365

While Microsoft Teams was still under development, many believed users would want to have fewer tabs open on their computers. This is especially true when it comes to documents and conversations. Teams was made to make sure all communication, research, and data sourcing can be done within one organized environment.

Benefit #4: More Than Just a Communication Tool

Microsoft Teams is more than just a communication tool – it also allows users to collaborate with each other. For instance, the integration with Microsoft’s software portfolio OneDrive means that documents on this server can be edited and accessed without ever closing the app.

Benefit #5: Faster Messages

Unlike Yammer, an Office 365 application that works best for company-wide announcements, Teams fits better with smaller, close-knit groups. Since you are less likely to drown in the sea of Teams posts, you will also receive responses from your employees much faster.

Benefit #6: Main Channel View

Compared to other platforms that display conversation threads in a third panel, Microsoft Teams keeps everything in the main channel view. This works great for people who can’t stand having conversations scattered across the scene. They are also collapsible, making them much easier to use than other group communication platforms online.

Benefit #7: Steady Stream of New Features

Microsoft Teams continues to grow, so users can expect more features and functionalities to be added. There is a plan to help users solely operate in Teams for content management and data search. Teams also streamline many functions, but it capitalizes on SharePoint benefits—which serve as the true backbone of the platform.

Teams comes with an abundance of functionalities that are extremely helpful for modern in-office communication and cooperation. This platform can be considered a one-stop shop for a company’s collaborative needs, effectively making it a perfect tool for businesses. Hopefully, the list above gave you an idea of where to start and how to get the true value of Microsoft Teams.

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