3 Ways High Performance Computing Projects Can Help Your Organization


Supercomputers. The word conjures images of the future and science fiction, doesn’t it? Well, guess what – the future is here. And it’s called high performance computing. High performance computing projects are projects that utilize HPC to get things done faster. With these computing projects, you can expect to see a higher performance, better data storage, and more memory. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, HPC projects can help you. Read on to find out how high performance computing projects can help your organization grow and thrive.

An Affordable Option

While a genuine supercomputer can cost millions of dollars, high performance computing can be done in other ways. By connecting many individual computers in a cluster, supercomputer results can be obtained.

Individuals or businesses seeking an even more affordable option can tap into a cloud-based service. Did you know that Amazon, IBM, Google, and Microsoft all offer cloud-based computing? This can enable high performance computing projects, without the extra hardware.

High Performance

Taking advantage of HPC projects means that you will have extra computing power. For instance, high performance computing can work wonders in research activities and analysis, and because HPC combines the power of multiple computers, it’s great for solving complex problems.

Computer modeling, simulation, and analysis may all be elements of high performance computing projects. Are you in an industry where you need to analyze lots of data or solve complex problems? Do you conduct research? If you answered yes to any of these questions, high performance computing may benefit your organization.

Here are some ways that HPC projects can work for you…


Engineering is all about making products that work in the real world. Testing out projects in the real world, however, can be expensive and difficult. Luckily, most things can also be tested virtually. With HPC, there are many practical uses in engineering for HPC projects. The natural world can even be closely simulated through HPC. Testing out bicycles, flying objects, or structural designs can be accomplished too. All sorts of testing can take place within high performance computing projects.

Urban Planning

Often, urban planning requires collecting a large amount of data. Many cities use sensors to collect data on everything from weather, to traffic patterns, to noise levels. But how do you analyze and compile all of this information? Easy, turn the data into a high performance computing project. By organizing all of this information through HPC, planners are better able to make informed decisions about their cities. And long term issues, like those related to climate change, can be tracked with more accuracy.


Bitcoin is a mystery to most outside of the finance sector, but high performance computing projects can help ‘mine’ bitcoin. This is because mining for cryptocurrency consists of something akin to solving complex mathematical problems, so it requires computational power higher than that offered by personal computing.

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HPC Projects for Your Organization

Whatever industry you’re in, it’s likely you’ll have a use for high performance computing projects of one kind or another. Contact a 1+1 expert at (925) 900-5296 to learn more!

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