Does Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Really Provide Better Email Security?

In this day and age, virus attacks have become a common problem. When successful, such instances can result in major data breaches and IT issues, further causing problems like loss of client trust and forced downtime. We all know how important security is for a business, but the problem lies in knowing where to target a company’s effort, resources, and time.

Fortunately, Microsoft Office 365 may have the solution. On top of frequent password changes, system updates, more employee education, and data encryption, Microsoft’s advanced threat protocol (ATP) might be just the thing you need to guarantee ironclad protection for your email inboxes. Here’s why:

ATP Overview

Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a cloud-based service that filters email. It helps your company fight against malware and virus by offering features that protect your systems from dangerous links in real time. Thanks to its URL trace capabilities and rich reporting, administrators get insight on the types of attacks happening in your business.

Stop Unsafe Attachments

The Safe Attachments feature lets you safeguard your messaging environment against malicious attachments. All suspicious content attached to your received emails goes through a real-time behavioral malware analysis. There, they are fully evaluated for suspicious activity through machine learning techniques.

Any unsafe attachment found gets immediately sandboxed in a detonation chamber before being sent over to the recipient/s. This feature results in a cleaner, malware-free inbox with consistent protection from attacks.

Protection Against Malicious Links

With Exchange Online Protection, content is scanned for malicious links. The Safe Links feature further expands on this by protecting the entire messaging environment each time users click a link. While the content goes through scanning and analysis, the URLs get safely rewritten before they head over to Office 365.

Track Links Within Messages

Microsoft Office 365 ATP allows users to get important insights into who is being targeted in your company, as well as what kind of attacks you might be dealing with. Through message trace and reporting, you can perform investigations on messages that have been blocked by the system due to unknown malware and viruses. A URL trace capability also lets you track each malicious link in any of the messages that may have been opened.

Security from Advanced Threats

Every day, many new malware campaigns are launched. That’s why Office 365 came up with a solution to help keep companies’ online storage, files, and email sage against such cyber-attacks. ATP has the capacity to safeguard all the important files and applications on your system against sophisticated attacks – all in real time.

Hence, Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business are all safe with this feature. You can expect better zero-day protection because it works well with the security features from Exchange Online Protection.

Are you still in the process of brainstorming methods to secure email inboxes in your company? Then Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection may be the best choice for you. It will save not only yourself but also your organization from the consequences of relentless online threats.


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