Common SMB IT Challenges Managed IT Services Can Fix

For most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), managing all of the company’s IT tools can be challenging. From preventing turnover to unexpected data losses, expectations on your IT team are very high–making IT a technology pain point for a lot of SMBs. It’s also a reason why many SMBs are choosing to transition to managed IT services, as they fix a wide range of tech issues faced by companies in their day-to-day processes.

Here are the most common IT challenges encountered by SMBs and how managed services can help.

Graveyard Shift

An organization’s data and network systems often don’t have the luxury of a night off. Discovering a network failure late in the morning can cost a business thousands of dollars in delays.

That’s why most small IT teams resort to creating a graveyard shift and keep one staff in the office for maintenance and monitoring tasks. Although this offers the coverage your company needs, it places an unnecessary strain on your staff members.

The solution from managed IT services: Getting managed services gives you the extra set of eyes you need during the off hours of an IT team. You have peace of mind knowing someone can monitor and repair your most important business applications.

Vacations or Sick Days

Not all employees know how to perform basic IT tasks. When an IT staff ends their shift and walks out the door, the knowledge they have also goes out with them. This puts SMBs in a complicated position. If a member of the IT team is on vacation or sick, no one will be around to pick up the slack.

The solution from managed IT services: By hiring managed IT professionals, an SMB can enjoy a blanket of protection that covers their systems every minute of each day. If the team is on vacation, sick, or busy with other tasks, essential applications will always receive the support they need, and the business operations can proceed without any interruption.

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IT Department Turnover

One of the unfortunate realities faced by the IT industry is the high demand for expert IT professionals. All companies need them, which has led to a shortage of qualified IT personnel.

Therefore, IT turnover has an impact on companies both large and small, but it is obviously more detrimental to SMBs. If there’s a better offer from a bigger company, it’s very likely that your business will be left with no technical support of any kind in the blink of an eye.

The solution from managed IT services: Similar to the vacation/sick day scenario, managed services give your SMB the safety net it deserves, even with a small in-house IT team.

In businesses of all sizes, IT resources can be limited at times. There’s always another piece of hardware, another team member, or another application that could benefit from the environment a managed IT service can provide.

If you are ready to increase the productivity of your employees and the security of your business, managed services can be the answer that you’ve been looking for.

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