Achieve your Business Goals Faster with IT Standardization


Every business wants to achieve their business goals faster and continuously build on their growth and profits. So when businesses come to us for IT advice, one of their main questions is – what IT solution can make my business run better?

While there’s no single answer to that question, one of the best ways to achieve business goals faster is implementing IT standardization.

What is IT Standardization?

IT Standardization refers to the process of making the software, systems, and infrastructure used throughout a company fully consistent and integrated. When you do this, it’s obvious that your systems will ‘talk’ to each other more easily, helping you carry out business processes more efficiently and allowing you to get your work done faster.

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Why Improving IT Support Relationships is Important

IT Standardization doesn’t only help your business processes run more smoothly, it also improves the relationship with your IT support services.

When all your systems are consistent, IT solutions can be applied more quickly and effectively, getting you up and running sooner after downtime. This likewise increases efficiency and reduces frustration for your staff and customers.

When the computers throughout a company have the same operating system and software suite, updates and upgrades can quickly and easily be applied universally, usually with no or minimal cost. This means your managed IT services provider can offer a better service to you, and achieve outstanding results for your IT systems companywide with relative ease.

IT Standardization also helps to maintain positive relationships with your managed IT services provider. Tools, strategies, and solutions used to solve common problems are consolidated, meaning you get High-quality results from your IT support. IT Standardization also allows your managed IT support services provider to easily monitor and control the security and data for your systems, through a process called centralization. This keeps your precious company information and assets safer.

Strategies for IT Standardization

The important strategies for IT Standardization that your managed IT services provider can help you put in place include:

  • Installing the same software suite and operating system in all your company computers through a volume-licensing program
  • Purchasing the same IT hardware (computers, routers, cables, etc.) in bulk to ensure consistency
  • Upgrading all company hardware to have the same components (i.e., Processor speed and RAM)
  • Choosing ‘Business’ models of IT infrastructure, rather than ‘Home’ models. Business models change components much less frequently, so you can get the right service and parts you need more efficiently.
  • Always plan for the future in mind. If you’re updating some of the computers, cables or other hardware in your office, think about making the changes company-wide. The greater investment in the short term will help you save precious time and money in the long term.

IT Standardization dramatically boosts your business performance and reduces risk by minimizing the cost, time and effort spent on IT issues. By delivering a package that includes IT Standardization and ongoing IT support and maintenance, 1+1 TECH can ensure your business performs faster and better than ever before, achieving your business goals with ease and efficiency.

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