5 Ways Managed IT Services Can Help Your Company’s Digital Transformation

With the advent of digital transformation, it is now possible for individuals, organizations, and even equipment to anticipate user preferences and needs. It has also helped deliver a host of new services and products. On another level, businesses are benefiting from it as well through the new opportunities to increase workplace efficiency and productivity.

As your company goes through its digital transformation journey, managed IT services can provide the right assistance. However, it’s worth noting that not all IT service providers are structured the same way, and their capacity to add value can vary widely.

Here’s what should expect from your managed service provider in the process of a digital transformation:

1. Downtime Prevention

There are many organizations that have IT solutions but can’t afford to keep their staff working around the clock. This can be a problem because high availability of data and uninterrupted service delivery are crucial components for an organization going through a digital transformation.

Managed services offer 24/7 tech support to ensure high availability and prevent downtime in business operations due to slow incident response. They also implement failover mechanisms so your systems continue running even if there is a disaster event or a system failure.

2. Consistent Use of the Best Practices

Managed IT services gives you the peace of mind knowing the best practices are followed at all times. These practices will not only save you hundreds or thousands of dollars but also eliminate any roadblock in your transformation. It also reduces time-to-market in terms of new digital transformation initiatives.

As the managed services focus more on new services and technologies, these practices in place will keep on instilling the real-time reliability demanded by customers and employees.

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3. Solution for Your Digital Skills Gap

The digital skills gap in the industry is widening, leaving many businesses struggling to find the talent required to support a digital transformation. Due to the increasing demand for IT experts, there could be a shortage of professionals in the industry in the coming years.

Thanks to managed IT services, your company won’t have to suffer because of the shortage. All the talent needed by your organization will be provided to help you reach your core objectives and promote innovation.

4. Added Security

Shadow IT issues tend to show up when the transformation is underway. These problems can take the form of governance challenges and security risks. Managed services can tackle them quickly, implementing advanced security solutions to hasten digital transformation while managing risk.

5. Up-to-Date on the Latest Trends

A reliable managed service provider will be well-informed on the latest innovations in networks, software, and hardware. It should be able to implement any of these developments when needed. Also, it should already be using current technology for its operations. An excellent provider should have an internal development program in place to keep its team informed and well-trained.

According to Forbes, 84% of businesses fail at implementing a digital transformation. But just because many enterprises are unsuccessful, it does not mean you can’t approach digital transformation with confidence.  With managed IT services, you can expect a far deeper and broader set of technology experience and skills than any business can support in-house.

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