What is a Small Business Firewall?


A firewall protects your computer from viruses and hackers by ensuring it monitors anything that has access to your computer or network. A firewall for your small business is essential, primarily if your employees work from home. It helps them securely connect to the business’s network from unsecured locations. There are two types of firewalls; software, and hardware. A software firewall can be fixed on your computer and protects the network only when it’s on. In contrast, hardware software acts like a router defending your small business’s internal network from malware. Here are some advantages of using a small business firewall.

Blocks Unauthorized Access

You can be overwhelmed if your business fails due to a cyber-attack. Any unauthorized access to your business network can leak crucial company information and lose important data. It can deteriorate even your company’s security system. According to the CISA, approximately 44% of generation Y have been impacted by online crime in the past year. Any business installed with a firewall flows better, and its chances of getting impacted by viruses and hackers are rare. When unauthorized access tries to enter your system, it can easily be noticed and block access if you install a firewall for your small business.

Prevents Access To Some Sites

Some firewalls don’t only prevent unauthorized access from unknown networks, but they also help in restricting your company workers from accessing specific sites during office hours. Most employers do this when they feel that workers are getting distracted, leading to the unproductivity of their work. Firewalls can block access to sites that contain malware that can destroy your business files. A small business firewall enables you to manage your business, hence smooth flow and more productivity.


Although firewalls don’t play the antivirus role, they assist in preventing the installation of viruses into your business system. Once a virus enters the business network, the firewall detects and alerts you for action. Companies are recommended to install both antivirus and firewall for complete coverage.


Once you figure out and install the best business firewall, ensure it stays up-to-date. Updated firewalls work better since security threats are constantly increasing. When you fail to maintain and update your firewall regularly, you can expose your business network to threats and viruses. Outdated security systems are the widespread causes of network insecurity and are always on the hacker’s radar.

With the advantages mentioned above, you can understand why a small business firewall is necessary. Although it sounds like a complicated task, professionals can easily install it. If you’re looking for services that can protect your business, contact 1 + 1 Technology today!

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