7 Uses for High Performance Computing

How is HPC applicable in the modern world? It may sound a little unexpected, but high performance computing is useful in almost everything we do. In most instances, HPC involves supercomputers. Most high performance computing projects use a moderate amount of power that is notably higher than a desktop’s requirements. The question is, how does HPC become useful, and which industries benefit the most from it. Below are various applications of high performance computing that you should be aware of.

What is HPC and a Supercomputer?

High Performance Computing (HPC) refers to a computer’s ability to process data and perform complex calculations at volatile speeds. One of its most in-demand solutions is supercomputers. They contain thousands of compute nodes that function together to complete one or more tasks.

Uses of HPC

As HPC comes in different forms and solutions, it also has a wide array of uses. Here’s how some industries have adapted to make the most of it.

1) Healthcare

Medicine and computing go hand-in-hand to enable faster processing of medical data, research, and more. HPC is used to store patient records, track their vitals, and analyze drug efficacy. High computing power is also necessary for advanced and complex processes, such as genome sequencing.

2) Research Labs

HPC helps scientists discover renewable energy sources, predict and track storms, understand the universe and its evolution, and, most importantly, design new materials that drive modern innovations.

3) Urban Planning

The majority of major metropolises in the world have begun to use sensor data on traffic patterns, weather, and noise levels, which has proved vital in making data-driven decisions concerning urban planning. This data also assists smart cities to quantify long-term issues, like climate change. Collecting this much information requires high-performance computing.

4) Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

HPC is applicable in detecting credit card fraud, offering self-guided technical support, and even improving cancer screening techniques.

5) Finance and Business

High performance computing gives businesses a commercial advantage when it comes to day-to-day agility. In matters of cryptocurrency, an HPC system can print keys for accessing bitcoins. This is changing the way we do banking.

6) Engineering

Engineers continuously look for ways to improve machines and equipment. However, testing new prototypes can be expensive. With the help of a professional IT consultant, engineers can now test new designs in powerful computer simulations. Simulations have been used to test the functionality of heavy machinery, airplane parts, and much more.

7) Media and Entertainment

HPC is applicable in editing films, and providing complex computer effects, too, which may come as a surprise. This has also allowed non-stop streaming to become possible for home viewers.

IT Consulting

As you can see, high performance computing is relevant to many different aspects of our lives. Design, production, and manufacturing are all applications of HPC. In fact, it’s considered the future of human innovation because of its ability to perform quadrillions of complex calculations per second. That is much faster than what a human can accomplish, making it an essential tool for steady and rapid growth.

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