Tri County Insulation Finds Network Solution with Help from 1+1 Technology


Network Solutions

Growth and Challenges

Tri County Insulation is one of the largest commercial, residential, and acoustical insulation companies in northern and central California. With locations in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Santa Maria, the company is growing quickly and prides itself on using the latest industry technologies for all of its products and services. When Tri County’s computer network started showing signs of problems a few years back, the company’s leadership knew they needed help.

Finding a Trusted IT Partner

Mark Gieseke, owner and president of Tri County Insulation for the past 30 years, shared the story of how the company found its way to 1+1.

“About six years ago, we were experiencing major growth and that started to show in our network,” said Mark. “I reached out to some trusted colleagues who referred me to 1+1 Technology. We needed support to ensure our network was functioning properly, as well as a plan for managing our computer systems and IT security – and 1+1 took care of us.”

Realizing Results

1+1 quickly resolved Tri County Insulation’s IT issues. They also worked with the company to put together a support package to help Tri County manage its computer systems and network growth, security, and efficiency.

Today, Tri County Insulation is experiencing another time of rapid growth.

“I am happy that we are 1+1 Technology customers,” said Mark. “We appreciate the care that the 1+1 team takes when it comes to maintaining and protecting our systems. It’s the same kind of care that we take with our own customers. It’s why we’re still working with 1+1 after about six years and will be into the foreseeable future.”

“It has been great working with Tri County Insulation,” said Joe Tinker, CEO of 1+1 Technology. “We started by addressing the company’s most immediate needs. Since then, we have worked to anticipate and evolve their technology to meet changing demands. I’m grateful for Mark and his crew’s trust and am pleased we can help with this side of things so that they can focus on doing the work needed for their customers.”

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