Mission and Values

1+1 Technology’s missions to be your advanced,premier IT solution provider.

What We Mean by Advanced

1+1 implements the highest level of technology systems and processes to deliver next-level IT services. Our solutions areamong the most efficient and our team the mostexpert and fastest pacedof all IT providers working in the world today.

How We Define Premier

There are no corners cut by 1+1 Technology or our workflows. From every email to every piece of documentation, we are constantly reviewing and making improvements that benefit our customers. We hold ourselves to the highest level of standards and accountability so that our solutionsyield the highest level of results. 1+1 Technology is the definition of premier IT service.

Your IT Solution Provider

Every organization on the planet today faces technological challenges. 1+1 Technology will seek the best answer to any complex technology question that our customers present. Our goal is to take customer technology to the next level for unequalled customer satisfaction. We will work hard to become, and remain, your IT solution provider.



Do the right thing, no matter what. Trust is earned. As long as we continue to carry ourselves in an honest and purposeful way, we will continue to deserve that trust.

Extreme Ownership

Our work is a representation of our character, and our product is a representation of our team.  Each of us plays our respective roles with pride and responsibility.


Our team is a collection of confident, honest, and inspirational people. We are committed and passionate about striving for the highest level of standards, holding each of us accountable as individuals as well as in a group.


Our team shares information with transparency and builds reliable, trusted relationships.

Creativity and Innovation

Our success is dependent on next-level, out-of-the-box thinking, which is encouraged and rewarded.


Our actions are influenced by every situation and how it feels for our peers, clients, and people we haven’t met yet.