Microsoft Office 365: 3 Ways Teams is Beating Out the Competition


After being launched in 2017, Microsoft Teams became one of the best group messaging apps and productivity hubs for businesses. In doing so, this Office 365 program turned into a major competitor for cloud-based chat-and-collaboration platforms like Slack, Mattermost, Ryver, Google Hangouts, and other major companies trying to break into this particular market.

Similar to all chat tools, Microsoft Teams aims to connect staff members while increasing productivity in the workplace. Cloud-based and accessible from multiple devices, it’s perfect for businesses with remote workers and numerous global locations. It also serves as an alternative (or even replacement) to the traditional email and direct messaging platforms.

Microsoft has recently announced its decision to replace Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams, introducing new and improved features to better fit the needs of their users. In doing so, the tech giant has ultimately packaged and presented Teams as the central communication and collaboration hub for Office 365 users.

Here are three major ways Microsoft Teams is setting itself apart from its competitors.

Integrated Workforce Management via an All-New API

Most companies depend on workforce management systems to make sure all operational tasks run smoothly. These tasks include time, attendance, shift scheduling, benefits, and payroll. Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing a new set of APIs to improve its existing workforce management systems.

Graph API for Shifts is the first API to roll out this quarter. Shifts is currently available for all Teams customers. With the new API, you can now integrate Shifts with enterprise scheduling systems. This allows seamless access for workforce management systems via Microsoft Teams.

New Mobile Features and Customizable Teams

Microsoft has recently given its users a brand new customizable Teams experience. Office 365 employs Firstline Workers which has tools for collaboration and communication on the go. Aside from being secure, it’s user-friendly and simple, with additional mobile-exclusive features such as smart camera and location sharing. Users can also share and record audio messages to save time. Microsoft made this customizable experience earlier this month.

Increased Motivation with Praise Tool

Microsoft Office 365 has a new Praise tool that allows you to keep workers motivated and engaged. For instance, retail associates are key players in a company but this segment also has some of the highest turnover rates in the country. By using Microsoft Teams’ Praise feature, you can solve this issue and show more appreciation to your team members.

If you want to reduce turnover and improve the satisfaction of employees, taking steps to interact with and recognize them can go a long way. Teams’ new Praise tool – which also comes out this year – provides a simple way for employees and managers to recognize their co-workers via the Microsoft Teams app so everyone can view it.

As part of the Microsoft Office 365 bundle, Teams creates a unique collaboration and communication hub for an organization’s teams. It effectively brings together all the functionalities seen in other Office 365 tools into one platform.

Teams was designed to boost collaboration and improve communication. Since its launch, it is now being used by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. Do you want to be one of those successful businesses? Contact us for more information about optimizing your operations through Microsoft Teams.

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