Cyber Security: What’s the Difference Between Dark Web and Darknet?

While getting information on the World Wide Web can now be done in a few clicks, many believe what we see online is just the tip of the iceberg.

You’ve probably heard about Darknet and Dark Web. These two terms signify a hidden part of the web that most people aren’t aware of, cyber security notwithstanding. Some people even use the two interchangeably, but the truth is, they’re different from each other.

What is Darknet?

Many people know Darknet. Built on top of the existing internet, it is an encrypted network that needs tools or software to access. Conventional protocols used on the internet, however, might not work when using Darknet.

Anonymity is one of the main features offered by Darknet. Tor, also known as The Onion Router, is an example of Darknet. A Tor browser is needed to enter Tor’s network, and while everyday internet websites can be accessed using Tor, there are hidden services and websites that cannot be accessed on an ordinary internet browser.

Tor powers such hidden services through a protocol known as Tor Hidden Service Protocol. Websites that are limited to the Tor network have a special .onion address and the Darknet owned by Tor is called Onionland.

What is Dark Web?

Dark Web is a component of the internet that is not indexed by search engines. The term might be familiar to you as a source of criminal activity – and it actually is.

You can use the Dark Web to buy illicit material such as credit card numbers, guns, stolen subscription credentials, counterfeit money, different kinds of drugs, hacked software and Netflix accounts, and so much more.

There are different ways to buy such credentials, which usually go for a significant amount of money since obtaining the information usually involves bypassing some form of cyber security.

There are other goods and services to be found on the Dark Web, including prepaid debit cards and sensitive information like usernames and passwords of certain people. People can even hire hackers through this avenue and order them to attack certain computers.


Items bought from the Dark Web and Darknet are typically done with the use of cryptocurrencies – a virtual currency where an accurate record of transactions is kept but the identity of the participants is kept confidential.

Legal Matters: What You Need to be Aware of

Rules regarding the use of Dark Web and Darknet vary around the world. Take note, however, that as a general principle, visiting the Dark Web and Darknet is not illegal. Neither is using Tor to use the web anonymously.

But it’s worth noting that anyone who uses a Darknet Market is still subjected to local laws. These laws apply to what you can and cannot sell, buy, ship, or possess.

As you can see from this, though, there’s a reason cybercrime is constantly on the rise. Many businesses are exposed to potential threats without them being aware of it. That said, you need top-notch security to prevent all sorts of viruses from invading your system, whether it’s at work or at home. So invest in cyber security solutions to ensure that your business’s data stays private and confidential, Dark Web or no.


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