What Can I Expect From 1+1 TECHNOLOGY’s Security Risk Assessment?

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First Meeting/Preliminary Discussion
Meet with 1+1 TECHNOLOGY’s cyber-security professionals to discuss your organization’s current status, your possible goals, and your own security concerns.


On-Site Evaluation & Assessment
1+1 TECHNOLOGY’s team will visit your main office to conduct an extensive evaluation of your physical infrastructure, administrative safeguards, and digital defenses.


Security & Data Analysis
The data gathered from the on-site review is then curated, reviewed, and analyzed. Threats, vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and areas of risk are all clearly identified.

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Security Risk Assessment & Report
A professionally prepared overview of your business’s cyber risk based off of the on-site evaluation and cyber security review. This Security Risk Assessment Report summarizes the weak points in your infrastructure, the areas that are most at risk, and—most importantly—recommended solutions and/or courses of action.

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Every business, regardless of size, needs to actively protect their systems, data, and infrastructure against potential cyber-attacks. This means taking extra precautionary measures to ensure that privacy codes and safety regulations are followed to the letter. Likewise, preventive steps must be taken so that all forms of IT security concerns and reputational risks are addressed.

1+1 TECHNOLOGY offers a comprehensive, state-of-the-art Security Assessment Program that fully analyzes the strength (or vulnerability) of a company against cyber risks. Elements like company policy, procedure, standard applications, systems, and facilities are reviewed, alongside the business’s current networks, applications, websites, and tech configurations.

This Security Risk Assessment is constructed in such a way that it is fully customizable, and therefore can adapt to create custom analytics that meets any organization’s specific needs. 1+1 TECHNOLOGY offers this assessment in full compliance of a number of data security requirements from global collectives.

Taking it one step further, this assessment can then start the framework for an ongoing Risk Mitigation Plan that includes policies and procedures. 1+1 TECHNOLOGY can create a comprehensive security plan based off of your current Security Risk Assessment—a plan that includes creating and managing the policies and procedures, user trainings, cyber security software, and your own security operations center.

When you work with 1+1 TECHNOLOGY, you take the initiative. Our Security Risk Assessment will reveal all possible vulnerabilities plus the means with which to remedy them post-haste.


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