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How it Works

FREE 1+1 Dark Web Scan

For the sake of convenience, many of us use the same email, username, and password for multiple accounts—personal and business. Once on account is breached, all your existing accounts are now compromised.
This Dark Web Scan can help strengthen your cybersecurity systems against such attacks by assessing your risk level. Simply enter your email to start the process.

Finding Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

The 1+1 FREE Dark Web Scan will scan the more unsavory parts of the net to see if your user information has been breached. We look for potential matches to your company’s domain name, email address, passwords, and so on using the address (or addresses) you give us. With this information, we can determine if any accounts using that domain have been breached.

Discussing Your Results: A Proactive Approach

By learning and understanding how susceptible you are to a cyber-attack, you greatly improve your chances of withstanding one. Regardless of what your business is and what size it’s at, your data is valuable and therefore must be protected. Taking a proactive approach against potential breaches ensures better cybersecurity.

It can take just ONE person to bring down a whole company. Is your company vulnerable?