Cabling is essential infrastructure every business needs. But the quality or design of your cabling could be slowing your business down and impacting your efficiency and success. If you’re remodeling, recabling or relocating your business, the certified cabling technicians at 1+1 TECH can provide planning, design, engineering and installation of your cabling system to enhance your business’s safety, efficiency and communication.

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Voice and Data Cabling

Voice, video, data and electronic cabling are essential for communication throughout your office building. Focusing on efficient and safe design, with the latest cable technology to enhance performance, 1+1 TECH takes a detail-oriented approach to the planning and installation of your voice and date cabling, for speedy and crystal clear communication.

structured cabling inspection

Structured cabling

Getting the best results requires careful planning, tailored engineering, thorough inspection and expert installation. That’s why 1+1 TECH offers complete structured cabling solutions to allow your business to exceed your performance expectations, while also allowing flexibility and the potential for growth into the future.

Server Rooms

Your server room contains some of your business’s most valuable and important equipment. But a poorly designed and managed server room can slow down your systems, and put your equipment at risk of temperature and moisture damage. Streamline, update and organized your server room for maximizing efficiency with expert server room design, maintenance and restoration from 1+1 TECH.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optics represent an innovation in cabling that allows for far greater bandwidth than copper, greater security and immunity from electromagnetic interference (EMI). Fiber optic cabling has become the gold standard for high quality analog and digital communications, usually used as the primary connection between your local networking equipment.

Improve your business’s performance and efficiency with quality cabling inspection and the latest cabling installations from 1+1 TECH. Our expert cabling technicians will make a detailed assessment of your office space, layout and requirements, to engineer and install the ideal cabling solution for you.

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